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The Way In Which A Virtual Server Operates On A Windows Website Hosting Platform

Posted on : 02-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Virtual Private Server, Virtual Server, VPS Hosting

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A virtual server, or VPS, is a virtual machine which can be exclusively used by an individual client although it runs on a software which is being concurrently used by other customers. A VPS can now function as if it has its own individual computer thanks to technological innovations. Because of this, each VPS has a high level of privacy and independence from other accounts using the same server, to the extent that rebooting one doesn’t affect any of the others.

Choosing a virtual server host is a cheap alternative to dedicated hosting, since it splits just one server into a number of virtual servers, and this single original server’s resources and costs are shared among its respective users. This is unlike renting a dedicated server, because a user of a dedicated server has to pay higher monthly fees because he is effectively the owner of a particular server. Another drawback to renting a dedicated server is that the user has to handle all sorts of administrative tasks as well.

Most operating systems can support VPS, however Windows supports more applications, especially Microsoft applications. Linux cannot support certain applications that are supported by UK VPS hosting and Windows virtual server, which explains why Linux VPS is cheaper.

Nowadays most businesses that want the security and reliability guaranteed by dedicated servers for a more affordable price opt for Windows virtual servers.

Since Windows VPS supports custom Windows apps like PHP, ASP, and ASP.Net, with Access, SQL, or MySQL Server databases, most UK VPS runs on Windows. Windows hosting platforms don’t have a different way of supporting VPS, except for the fact that Windows VPS has more features, meaning greater flexibility and efficiency. Certain Microsoft programs, such as Visual Studio, work only with Windows VPS. Internet Information Servers (IIS) are also used by Windows virtual servers. IIS reduces the complexity in the system and protects individual websites from problems that may be encountered by other websites on the same server.

UK VPS hosting and Windows virtual server can be accessed through a control panel which comes with the plan you choose or with a Remote Desktop. The Hyper-V technology developed by Microsoft is used to run Windows virtual servers, making them ideal for all sorts of Windows application hosting like desktop visualization and all sorts of different databases. Windows virtual servers are also easier to manage since users are granted direct access to the server through the Remote Desktop. This also comes with a Windows VPS hosting service, which has great support for Microsoft Access and SQL databases. Another advantage of Windows virtual servers is that they are so similar to dedicated servers, giving their users the freedom to install as many Windows applications or other web applications as their websites may need. Most Windows virtual servers also offer high storage and RAM capacities. With UK VPS hosting and Windows virtual server, users can also make use of the Windows Firewall feature. Windows VPS servers can be configured with the firewall and are packaged with the newest versions of the Windows operating system.

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