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Finding The Best Windows E-mail Server Hosting Plan

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One of the crucial crucial choices you’ll make relating to your small business’ web presence is which the best windows e-mail server internet hosting plan is for you. Making a decision about you e mail servers hosing could appear trivial in comparison with all the pieces else you have to deal with, however the reality is that you’ll rarely be as frustrated as you’ll when you have got email problems. Moreover, you probably have a powerful net presence, then you will doubtless do quite a lot of your communication by way of e-mail, so it is important to make sure your email server internet hosting service is reliable. Here, then, are some tips on what makes for one of the best windows e-mail server hosting plan and the place you can find it.

Initially, it’s a must to figure out what it means to have one of the best home windows email server hosting plan. There are a number of components you should think about, including the safe server capabilities of your host, the server velocity, and the reliability.


The very best windows email server hosting plans are going to be able to provide you with a safe server. Such a server can do every thing from shield you from spam to filter out viruses. Remember to ask concerning the safe server because the most effective home windows electronic mail server internet hosting plans can have good ones for you.


You definitely do not wish to have to attend for essential emails, so a fast server is a necessity from the very best home windows e-mail server internet hosting plans. If you’re a busy company, you’ll find that emails can typically fly out and in of your field quick and furiously. So if in case you have a hosting company that has sluggish servers, you could end up getting delayed on answers to shoppers and data attending to and from others inside your own company even.


There is nothing extra irritating than having your e mail go down. In order to save your self such frustration, it is best to discover an electronic mail server internet hosting firm that can provide you with good reliability. In truth, the very best windows e mail server hosting plans ought to include reliability of at the least 99%, and normally it is best to search for one thing even larger than that. You want your major type of communication to be available, so make sure you are using a dependable server host.

Different services

There are other services it is best to search for from the best windows electronic mail server internet hosting plan. You must insist on unlimited email aliases, auto-responder capabilities, and even some form of entry to your administration features. The extra management you have got over your e mail’s internet hosting, the higher off you are going to be. Moreover, search for one thing that provides no restriction on the scale of information you can exchange. That is especially important if you’re going to be sending information across to purchasers or colleagues.

Selecting the very best windows electronic mail server internet hosting plan is a vital step in your business. When you understand what features you need to look for, you’ll be able to more accurately evaluate companies with each other and give you a strategy to get everything you need in one package. Keep communication up and you will have a more successful enterprise and to do this you want the proper e-mail host.
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Discovering The Finest Home windows Email Server Internet hosting Plan

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One of the essential selections you’ll make regarding your online business’ internet presence is which the perfect windows electronic mail server hosting plan is for you. Making a call about you e-mail servers hosing could seem trivial compared to the whole lot else it’s a must to take care of, but the fact is that you’ll hardly ever be as annoyed as you will when you might have electronic mail problems. Additionally, when you’ve got a robust web presence, then you’ll likely do a great deal of your communication via email, so you will need to make sure that your electronic mail server hosting service is reliable. Right here, then, are some tips about what makes for the best windows email server internet hosting plan and where you will discover it.

To start with, you need to determine what it means to have the very best windows electronic mail server hosting plan. There are a couple of elements it’s best to consider, together with the safe server capabilities of your host, the server speed, and the reliability.


The most effective windows electronic mail server hosting plans are going to have the ability to offer you a secure server. Such a server can do all the pieces from protect you from spam to filter out viruses. You should definitely ask concerning the secure server as a result of the best home windows e-mail server hosting plans could have good ones for you.


You certainly do not need to have to attend for important emails, so a quick server is a necessity from the most effective home windows email server internet hosting plans. In case you are a busy firm, you will see that that emails can often fly in and out of your box fast and furiously. So in case you have an internet hosting company that has slow servers, you possibly can end up getting delayed on answers to clients and knowledge getting to and from others within your individual company even.


There may be nothing extra frustrating than having your e-mail go down. With a purpose to save yourself such frustration, you must discover an e mail server hosting company that may offer you good reliability. In reality, the perfect home windows e-mail server internet hosting plans should embody reliability of a minimum of ninety nine%, and generally you need to look for one thing even greater than that. You need your main type of communication to be accessible, so be sure to are utilizing a reliable server host.

Different companies

There are different companies you must look for from the very best home windows e-mail server internet hosting plan. It’s best to insist on unlimited electronic mail aliases, auto-responder capabilities, and even some type of access to your administration features. The more control you might have over your email’s hosting, the higher off you’re going to be. Additionally, look for one thing that gives no restriction on the dimensions of files you may exchange. This is particularly vital if you’ll be sending information throughout to shoppers or colleagues.

Choosing the perfect home windows e mail server internet hosting plan is an important step in your business. Once you perceive what options you must search for, you can extra accurately examine firms with each other and provide you with an approach to get every part you need in one package. Preserve communication up and you should have a more successful business and to try this you want the right email host.
Retrieved from:http://www.pursonalityplus.com/2012/01/20/discovering-the-finest-home-windows-email-server-internet-hosting-plan/

Discovering The Greatest Windows E mail Server Hosting Plan

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One of the most crucial decisions you will make concerning your corporation’ net presence is which one of the best home windows e mail server hosting plan is for you. Making a choice about you electronic mail servers hosing may seem trivial in comparison with every thing else you need to cope with, however the reality is that you will rarely be as frustrated as you’ll when you have e-mail problems. Moreover, when you have a strong internet presence, then you’ll possible do a substantial amount of your communication by way of electronic mail, so it is very important be sure your e-mail server hosting service is reliable. Here, then, are some tips on what makes for the perfect home windows e mail server internet hosting plan and where yow will discover it.

First of all, it’s important to work out what it means to have the most effective home windows e mail server internet hosting plan. There are just a few factors you need to contemplate, together with the secure server capabilities of your host, the server pace, and the reliability.


The best home windows e-mail server internet hosting plans are going to be able to give you a safe server. Such a server can do the whole lot from defend you from spam to filter out viruses. You’ll want to ask in regards to the safe server because the perfect windows email server internet hosting plans will have good ones for you.


You actually don’t want to have to wait for necessary emails, so a quick server is a necessity from the best windows electronic mail server hosting plans. If you are a busy company, you can see that emails can usually fly in and out of your box quick and furiously. So if you have an internet hosting firm that has gradual servers, you would find yourself getting delayed on solutions to purchasers and data getting to and from others inside your personal firm even.


There’s nothing more irritating than having your electronic mail go down. To be able to save your self such frustration, it’s best to find an email server internet hosting company that may give you good reliability. In fact, one of the best windows email server hosting plans should embrace reliability of at the very least 99%, and usually you should search for something even increased than that. You want your primary form of communication to be out there, so ensure you are utilizing a dependable server host.

Other services

There are other providers it’s best to search for from the most effective windows email server hosting plan. You need to insist on limitless e mail aliases, auto-responder capabilities, and even some sort of access to your administration features. The more control you’ve over your electronic mail’s internet hosting, the better off you will be. Moreover, search for something that offers no restriction on the size of recordsdata you’ll be able to exchange. That is particularly necessary if you are going to be sending recordsdata across to clients or colleagues.

Selecting one of the best windows email server hosting plan is a crucial step in your business. When you understand what options it’s best to look for, you possibly can more precisely compare corporations with one another and come up with a technique to get every little thing you want in a single package. Maintain communication up and you’ll have an extra profitable enterprise and to do that you need the appropriate e mail host.
Retrieved from:http://www.tutorsnews.com/articles/discovering-the-greatest-windows-e-mail-server-hosting-plan/

Exchange Email Safety For Protecting E Mail Servers

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It’s needed to obtain change electronic mail safety to fight towards elevated proliferation or contaminated viruses or different malicious software program with the assistance of finest antivirus and protection for exploiting emails. The variety of malicious options have kicked off the outdated single antivirus engines used to scan inbound e-mail messages because they are not in a position to provide required protection at any of the server or desktop.
There are numerous change service providers that use wide selection of antivirus engines for protecting email server. Such antivirus engines embrace the products which might be competitively rated. They help in lowering the average time to obtain virus signatures to battle the latest threats. You can too take the benefit of greater energy and get rid of just about the probabilities of any kind of infection. The very best alternate for e mail safety services use the email firewall that protects the inbox from receiving virus emails, threats and exploitations and the email assaults which might be used as a target against the organization.
For securing emails it is essential that certain steps are adopted for everyday actions like not posing the non-public and financial data like the social security number or different personal or sensitive information in email messages. The security of emails must be understood earlier than concerning trade safety service providers. Probably the most typical threat that e-mail safety messages are the scams like the phishing scams which robotically kinds out the potential threat from the computer. Another scam is insecure account and password hacking wherein you detect mails in your despatched gadgets box which are never sent by you but as an alternative include viruses to hack essential information from your computer. It’s essential to report such hacking to the trade electronic mail security service supplier and change the password to make it extra secured. Next rip-off will be Nigerian scams which are most potential risk as forwarded emails. The forwarded e mail messages ought to be despatched forward after removing the notes and electronic mail addresses and sent as carbon copy blindly.

The alternate electronic mail safety suppliers use encryption of emails since it is the most significant factor to remember for e mail security. It is a software that’s used to make a safe e mail so that the private and delicate information will not be acquired or considered by anybody accepts the intended receiver. Different measures for email safety change suppliers are to see to it that the emails aren’t left open for others to view or read them. The attachments that are obtained in the incoming electronic mail messages should be scanned with anti virus software first or needs to be opened only after being safe that it is the e-mail message attachment which was expected. It is higher to make use of IMAP than POP protocol because of enhance use of solid email messages whiles the emails. It’s also essential to ensure that the spam settings are recurrently updated and new anti virus software are downloaded or updated.
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Email Security and Outlook? Risk vs. Convenience

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One of the most common questions people have when looking for a secure email solution for protection or regulatory compliance with federal laws such as HIPAA is: “Is there a plugin for Microsoft Outlook?”

Outlook is one of the most established and most dynamic email programs in the world, and it can do many things, such as manage and sort your inbox, track your appointments, manage your professional and social contacts, manage lists and groups, and allow for meetings and collaborations.To call it feature-rich would be an understatement. However, when an application tries to be so many things to all people, user security often is lost in the shuffle. The battle between giving users a useful experience and keeping an eye on security is ongoing. This explains why Adobe Systems and browser suppliers are continually providing upgrades to their products. They need continual updates in order to to remain fancy, feature-rich, and oh! …also secure, so when you click that fun-looking link or install that cute, tiny applet, your credit card isn’t drained instantly, only to be discovered weeks later when the scum bags who hacked you are lounging around a beach someplace on the island of Tortola, sipping umberella drinks you paid for. Just allowing one password to get hacked can have this long-term effect.

Secure email messaging, on the other hand, usually concentrates on only two things: Security and having an easy-to-use interface. Since it is a stand-alone application, no plug-ins or special configurations are required. Secure messaging software does work with Microsoft Outlook, and almost all other mail clients available, but the main difference is secure messages, unlike email, are never stored in your mail box on your local machine. They are kept on the secure server, which is the only place from which messages can be accessed. For many reasons, this is true of most approaches to doing secure messaging in order to keep confidential information truly safe. The less whistles and bells that may connect to and manipulate your important information and messages, the less chance we see of security holes in the “feature-rich” software risking your data, and that of your customers, vendors, and staff.

The Fallacy of Email “Security”

Email by its very nature is highly insecure as it is sent over the internet in plain text. This means any person with a packet sniffer and a hard-wired connection at your Internet Service Provider or Local Area Network can , in fact, see what you are sending across the wire and capture it to disk. The scary thing is, even a kid could do it with little research and practice. It’s not hard to learn how to hack, and is the reason why hackers are able to do it so often, as recent news reports will corroborate.

The bigger problem with standard email, which most individuals do not fully appreciate, is that it makes copies of itself all over the web. A single email transaction gets copied on the sender’s computer in their ‘Sent mail ‘ box. It gets copied again to the server that sends the email. It then gets copied again to the server that receives the email. The message then gets copied to recipient hard disk when the users retrieve the email.

Then there are all of the backups made from these emails. Most people now know they need to backup their information and email frequently, so they do. Copies of that get burned to CD or to backup servers on Local Area Networks. When a computer gets retired or the person who made the backup needs more shelf space, they toss the data in the trash, where anybody could get to it. Automated backups are also to be considered. They generally get stored in “the cloud” i.e. ( dozens of redundant servers spread all around the globe that keep many copies of your informationin) various places on the web.

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SQL SERVER – SafePeak – The Plug and Play Immediate Acceleration Solution

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Given how important performance is these days among SQL Server critical applications, I was excited to look into a new product by SafePeak Technologies (www.safepeak.com) that aims to immediately resolve, in a plug-and-play way, the performance, scalability and peaks challenges of SQL Server applications on the Cloud, hosting servers and enterprise data centers.

While most SQL Server shops ask me about performance monitoring and alert solutions, to allow them to identify and analyze performance bottlenecks, this unique product actually can resolve them and increase performance in dramatic ways.

SafePeak is a caching proxy that resides between the application and the database. It is unique in the way it requires neither code changes nor database changes. The only change required is routing the application through SafePeak instead of the database.

The benefits of such a solution are obvious: quick integration, immediate ROI, no complex projects and most importantly, minimal downtime for production systems.

As far as I know, this is the only true plug & play caching solution available on the market today and it can provide instant acceleration to any Cloud, hosted or business SQL Server application.

The concept
The idea behind SafePeak is that simple – repeatable queries should not be executed against the database, the result sets can be stored in RAM and can be returned immediately, in fractions of a millisecond, without the need to validate the syntax, calculate the execution plan, read IO blocks from the disk and perform data aggregation.

On transactional applications there are many such repeatable queries and SafePeak can reduce the overhead of executing them against the database over and over again.

How Does SafePeak work?
SafePeak’s solution to the performance problem is to store the result sets returned by the database in RAM, as is. When a recurring query or SP execution with the same parameters is passed through SafePeak, it will reply from RAM in a fraction of a millisecond instead of sending the query to the database, thus significantly reducing resources from the database server and the database storage.

In order to achieve this behavior, SafePeak reads and analyzes the TDS protocol (the protocol between the application and the SQL Server), making it transparent to any application working with SQL Server.

Data integrity, reliability and high availability
The main challenge with database caching is to understand in real time when data is no longer valid and should be evicted from the cache. Data can become obsolete for numerous reasons: DML, DDL, executing complex stored procedures, triggers etc.

SafePeak solved this complicated challenge with patent-pending algorithms with three parts: 1) Automatic analysis algorithm of the database schema and creation of a relations graph between all the objects in the database: tables, views, triggers, functions, stored procedures, etc.; 2) A self-adaptive algorithm that studies the application traffic, creates patterns of queries and understands their dependant objects; 3) Real-time analysis of the TDS and the T-SQL queries upon arrival of data modification event, and then flushing or refreshing in real-time the relevant cache items results.

The data on the SQL Server is always up-to-date and the cache items that remain in SafePeak memory are always up to date.

SafePeak’s team made sure to protect the application and database from potential glitches of software and hardware. Basically, in single-mode installation the worst case of any failure the traffic will be sent directly to the database server. In cluster installation, SafePeak second, the passive server takes over (Virtual IP) and becomes the active one.

Installation and configuration
SafePeak Installation is quick and simple, and is completed in few minutes. It requires a different server than the database with Windows 2008 64bit or Windows 2008R2 (VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V or any cloud virtual instance/server are supported as well).

Adding a database instance to SafePeak requires mixed authentication on the database but again, it is simple and takes few seconds. From this point SafePeak analyzes the schema and creates the relations graph, a procedure that takes between seconds to an hour and is a one-time operation. Once this is completed, you are good to go.

The application should be pointed (via connection string or etc\hosts file or a change of DNS record) to the SafePeak server instead of the database. If you have Jobs running on SQL Server using the agent then you may need to define an “alias” to the agent that will route all the jobs via SafePeak (but only if want SafePeak to be aware on any updates they may perform).

From this point SafePeak is in auto-pilot, learns the traffic patterns and does caching of whatever is possible.

There is fine tuning that can be done to improve performance in relation to stored procedures that perform dynamic SQL (inform SafePeak which objects are being accessed) and the same operation is required for CLR and encrypted objects. The application will continue to work without the configuration, but the effectiveness of SafePeak decreases. Basically within one hour the application will be accelerated.

User Interface
The nice, easy browser-based GUI allows both product management and also provides tools for performance bottlenecks identifications and analysis.

The product provides a structured way to see performance information starting with the instance level all the way through the queries execution.

On each level the product shows the amount read and records the average response time, the cached response time.

Historical information can be viewed using the product reports.

Overall, I am very impressed with SafePeak as a novel product. SafePeak is a great acceleration solution for users who want immediate results for sites with performance, scalability and peak spikes challenges.

While there are specific environments that will clearly benefit from SafePeak, such as SQL Servers with high SELECTivity and read-intensive databases, it is designed for OLTP applications. Such environments that seem to get the most out of SafePeak’s acceleration are E-commerce, Cloud and Hosted apps, large SharePoint and CRM Dynamics implementations, ERP & CRM applications.

SafePeak can significantly increase response times, by reducing network roundtrip to the database, decreasing CPU resource usage, eliminating I/O and storage access

It is simple, plug-and-play, and easily integrates into the current architecture. If you have an important SQL Server website or enterprise application whose performance affects company sales and productivity – then it is definitely worth giving SafePeak a try.

However, while SafePeak works well with SQL Server OLTP apps, it does not play well with OLAP databases. You can still use SafePeak, but you will need to specially configure CLR objects with SafePeak.

You can download a free, fully functional trial here: www.safepeak.com/download.

Retrieved from:-http://blog.sqlauthority.com/2011/08/11/sql-server-safepeak-the-plug-and-play-immediate-acceleration-solution/

Managing Email Storage Before it Becomes a Problem

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If you have a small business you’re probably running a server with Small Business Server (SBS) for email, file sharing and collaboration. SBS is a good fit for small businesses as it provides a good platform for the IT of a small organization. When the server is new, performance is great, email and file sharing work like a charm and there is more than enough space on the server to store all the files and attachments. As it’s a new server, email quotas wouldn’t be reached yet and there is still a substantial amount of email storage available.

Over time things change. Irrespective of the type or size of the organization, emails and attachments start piling up on the server. Server performance becomes sluggish because of all the files and Exchange starts slowing down due to the ever-increasing volume of emails and attachments stored. Inevitably, backups take longer and longer as storage is used up.

Email storage gets depleted over time and user mailbox quotas are reached. Initially employees will delete emails with large attachments and emails which are unimportant but soon they will have to start deleting more important email. Most people are not comfortable doing this because they would like assurance that should they ever need to refer to an email they know they have it.

Email keeps piling up because email user behavior is changing. Employees are not using their mailbox merely as a store of email but as a personal storage and document store. The inclusion of quick search in Outlook and the frequent exchange of files via email make this change a natural evolution in behavior. This change does not, however, do anything to reduce the impact on email storage – indeed it exacerbates it.

This confluence of factors forces employees to resort to non-optimal solutions to keep their email. Most people use PST files as a way to archive older emails. This is an easy choice: PST files are easy to use; it’s a free option that comes ‘bundled in’ with Outlook. Indeed, Outlook encourages this behavior: users are prompted to enable auto-archiving and all users have to do is click on the ‘Yes’ button and before an IT admin can blink PST files are proliferating all over the network.

PSTs are a compromise to the email storage conundrum: administrators can keep the mail quotas on mailboxes to control email storage requirements on the SBS / Exchange server while employees still get to keep their old email, even if in PST files.

A better solution would be one that obviates the need for such a compromise in the first place. A solution that lets organizations control email storage on the SBS/Exchange server while allowing employees a virtually unlimited mailbox that doesn’t involve the hassles and problems associated with PST files.

Retrieved from:-http://www.gfi.com/blog/managing-email-storage-problem/

Functioning Of Email Server Smtp

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Development of internet and technology has brought a lot of convenience and has made sending and receiving messages so easy which was really difficult in the past and was considered a tedious task. Writing letters on paper or postcard, sending them through postal service took a lot of time in reaching its destination. But now it is possible to send and receive mails very quickly just by pressing a key. Sending and receiving mails take place so quickly that we are bound to think how does this actually happen. The main element responsible for email communication is the Email Server SMTP. The technology behind the functioning of the email server is really interesting.

Actually, email communication is possible due to Email Server SMTP and POP3. There are many email software packages and all these work in a similar manner; that is, they download the incoming email into the computer from the server of the concerned email account. Communication over the internet is possible through client-server connectivity. This can be explained in the following way- the client computer is connected to the server, which is another computer, through a unique internet protocol address on the internet. The server hosts all the requests sent by the client computer and serves by providing various web pages. Servers are high speed machines and their main job is to serve the requests made by millions of client servers.

When a mail is sent, the system is connected to the senders email services mail server. This is a centralized computer which takes care of a specific service like an email server handles emails. Now the Email Server SMTP passes the mail to another SMTP Server and then to the terminus through several hops. There is a sender and a recipient for every email. When sending an email the client gets connected to the SMTP Server of the senders email service. Then it transmits the address of the sender, address of the recipient and the content of the mail. The SMTP finally locates the recipients domain on the basis of the recipients email address. The process becomes simple if the domain of the recipients email id is the same as the sender.

The domain refers to an exclusive web address known as Internet Protocol address. The Domain Name Registry stores the link between the domain names and their IP address. The SMTP Server then calls the DNS Server which in turn provides the address. The SMTP Server sends the email to the SMTP Server of the recipients mail service. This server checks whether the email address of the recipient is present in its list and then sends it to POP3. POP3 servers are responsible to store the email ids. Each email id has a username and a password. The mail remains with the POP3 server until the recipient checks the mail by logging in.

This is the mechanism behind the fast and less time consuming mailing system which would not be possible without Email Server SMTP or SMTP Server. It is the most advanced mailing system because it handles millions of requests made by the clients from all over the world.

Retrieved from:-http://www.articlesnatch.com/Article/Functioning-Of-Email-Server-Smtp/2801904

Do You Really Need an Outgoing Mail Server?

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If you are a business owner or a self employed professional, one of the most important things that you need to have is email functionality. Email is the preferred communication of many in the modern business world. Having email functionality means you can be able to correspond with your clients and contacts efficiently and effectively. This is why, it is highly imperative that you make investments in a good outgoing mail server. The server is a crucial part of a reliable email system. It is in charge of making sure that all emails are properly delivered to the right email addresses. This means all you have to do is to send the email message to the mail server and the mail server will do the rest. As soon as you send the message to the mail server, you can expect that the email will be delivered to its recipient a short time after.

Retrieved from:-http://www.eljaysbooks.com/do-you-really-need-an-outgoing-mail-server-981195.html

Effective Outgoing Mail Server Solutions With An SMTP2Go SMTP Server

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An effective outgoing mail server solution is one of the most important things that a modern day professional needs to have. Having your own smtp server ensures that you have a reliable system in place to send and receive all the important emails that you have. It also helps establish your reputation as a consummate professional to your clients and your contacts. One of the best systems available that can effectively enable you to do this is the smtp2go server.

SMTP2Go is one of the most popular email systems in the market today. It is preferred by many Information Technology professionals as well as email power users. It has a lot of unique features that are very beneficial to many professionals who need an email solution.

One of the best features of SMTP2Go is the fact that it is very easy to set up. It is so easy that the people behind the SMTP2Go email system practically guarantee that you can effectively set up the mail server in just two minutes or less. All you have to do is to identify the operating system that you are using and follow the step by step guide written exactly for that system. You do not need to have a high level of technical knowledge and skills. All you need is the ability to properly follow instruction.

With SMTP2Go, you can be able to send emails from any location as long as you have access to any email capable device. This is very convenient because you can use your work computer, personal laptop or even your smart phone to send the emails that you need.

Retrieved from:-http://www.letstalkmarketingshow.com/technology-news-articles/effective-outgoing-mail-server-solutions-with-an-smtp2go-smtp-server/