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Acquire the Latest Functions of Hosted Exchange with Microsoft Exchange 2010 Hosting Now

Posted on : 29-01-2012 | By : admin | In : Email Exchange, Exchange Server, Exchange Server Email, Hosted Exchange Server, Microsoft Exchange Server

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Acquiring a good exchange hosting server for your company to deal with the emails and all other business efforts could be such a wonderful item to contemplate. It’s because you will find indeed numerous very good benefits that are being given by such exchange hosting specifically in the progress of any specific business online or offline. As time passes, exchange hosting has enormously changed and developed into a considerably profitable and good one. With the arrival of Microsoft exchange 2010 hosting, it would then be a real wise decision to get hold of such and make use of it for your own business benefit. Because you can now manage to utilize the many benefits that are bundled in a Microsoft hosted exchange server 2010, it would be really favorable to learn first the numerous extra features in a Hosted exchange email service that one could make use of. Here would be many of them:
Enhanced storage and file retaining capacities
The whole new Microsoft exchange 2010 hosting also comes in with an exceptionally big space for storage for storing numerous information files and electronic mails within its exchange email server. The previous versions of the Microsoft exchange e-mail hosting could just cater up to 150mb of emails and information files for their own letterbox. However, in a Microsoft exchange 2010 service delivered by a good Exchange 2010 host , it could go up to a much bigger scale which is 600mb.
Enhanced spam and computer virus protection
Since electronic mail is certainly an essential part of any organization may it be web based or offline, the Microsoft exchange 2010 comes in with a much greater protection against spam and viruses going directly to your own letterbox. Together with such, you wont have to fear much pertaining to junk mail arriving in your mailbox as these are now being totally erased with the exchange email of the whole new Microsoft 2010 exchange hosting.
Less difficult accessibility of your own electronic mail no matter where you’re
With the whole new Microsoft exchange 2010 hosting, looking at your own letterbox is certainly fast and simple regardless of what area on earth you’re right now. Additionally, it furthermore comes in with such a feature which could let all the mail users to connect to their letterbox through the offer which is known as the Database Availability Group. With such, it could enable you to keep up to sixteen copies of virtually any users mailbox to be used in retrieval in case problems occur such as neglected pass word and/or the likes.
With the brand new exchange 2010 hosting available, you’ll be enormously ensured that your company will definitely get to the success it has been longing for in only a short period of time. Moreover, keeping all of your emails is made more secure and protected with all the extra protection being incorporated in a Microsoft 2010 hosted exchange.
Now if you would still be considering if or not you must go for a Exchange server hosting to provide you the ideal exchange 2010 service amongst any other, then it would be better should you grasp it right away. The quicker the more effective!
Retrieved from:http://pcremedies.org/acquire-the-latest-functions-of-hosted-exchange-with-microsoft-exchange-2010-hosting-now/


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Microsoft’s MS Exchange server system continues to be regarded as best technology that aides as well as increases communication throughout various businesses. The email system given by this particular system is tremendously superior as well as offers a good deal of versatility to the users. Because email is the major mode of interaction these days, the enterprise users are able to send emails safely over their network without being worried regarding if the information will be leaked or otherwise. Thus, the Exchange server has grown to become one of the preferred electronic mail servers of nowadays. Organizations make full use of MS Exchange support to include this particular system inside their arrangement.
Allow us to take a look at the foremost advantages of Exchange server system.
Security as well as Trustworthiness:
Protection is the key feature of MS Exchange server system. The electronic mails which are routed over the host are encoded utilizing advanced algorithms and they can’t be compromised. Microsoft also protects their servers against computer virus attacks and other spyware and adware. The unsolicited mail is quite perfectly monitored and does not affect the business venture functions. Thus, the private facts of company is obtainable only to the users and cannot really be accessed by any kind of unauthorised operators. This makes the Exchange server technology extremely efficient and risk-free to make use of.
Remote Availability:
The Exchange server technology allows the operators to access their email messages from anywhere on earth. This provides lots of flexibility to organisation operators because there are quite a few situations where they’ve to keep travelling and this particular aspect enables them to get associated with the firm network continuously. Files may be revised and designed and the alterations shall be reflected inside the web server and there for all in the business.
Leading-edge Tools:
The Exchange server comes with integrated MS Outlook Service which tends to make email management much easier. The Exchange server technology also works with different resources that offer lots of functions such as calendar, appointment scheduling, as well as voice mail. These kinds of features are very beneficial for the users.
Straightforward Troubleshooting:
Microsoft company offers quite simple troubleshooting. In the case of a concern it shows the error messages very precisely. Thus, the operators can themselves correct the issues without the need to get guidance. The Microsoft Exchange server technology allows for lots of automation, saving a lot of precious time as well as resources. Thus, as soon as a company decides on to utilize the Exchange server technology, they can use the services on their own resolving smaller issues on their own. This is extremely appealing for the companies since even though the servers are not dealt with by a firm, the working management still stays with them.
The aforementioned benefits of Exchange server technology help it become really desirable for the company users. By using MS Exchange support, businesses could continue their day-to-day jobs really effectively. This technology has been proven as very beneficial for corporations and made it easier for them in raising their output as well as success.
Retrieved from:http://www.gillianjonesgallery.com/benefits-of-ms-exchange-server-service-for-establishments/

Linux-based Mail Servers Challenge Microsoft Exchange’s Supremacy

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Just a few years ago, it was difficult to find examples of large companies that even considered replacing a proprietary platform with an open source alternative. With the significant exception of Linux servers, the corporate world found little appeal in free and open source software, preferring to stick with time-tested products from Microsoft, Oracle, or Novell. IT managers and CIOs alike seemed immune to the arguments raised by open source proponents, even ignoring the cost benefits that usually weigh so heavily in corporate decision making.

The business world’s resistance to open source was especially visible in the business email solution market. Microsoft had the groupware server market in its iron grip, with Exchange Server accounting for more than 85% of all business email server installations. Even small shops with just a few employees looked at Exchange as the only way to go, in spite of the hefty costs and technical headaches that it produced.

But the status quo is about to be disrupted. Over the last few years, corporate IT has come to see beyond its preconceptions and accept that open source is not only cheaper, but in many regards more efficient, secure, and flexible than legacy proprietary solutions. This is especially true in the email software industry, with Linux IMAP mail server solutions finally becoming worthy alternatives to Microsoft Exchange.

What caused the change in tides?

First, it’s fair to say that Microsoft Exchange still accounts for a very large segment of the email, calendar, and collaboration market, with a market share of more than 70%. But Exchange is on a downward trend, as more and more companies and organizations realize that there are better alternatives. The two main factors contributing to Exchange’s steady decrease of market share are the growing popularity of Linux IMAP servers and the proliferation of hosted applications that provide email and collaboration in the cloud.

According to a survey answered in May 2011 by 450 IT professionals, including both IT managers and vendors, the most compelling reasons for making the switch to open source are avoiding vendor lock-in and saving money.

Across the corporate IT sector, vendor lock-in prevents companies from moving to newer, more efficient, and cheaper solutions. The costs (and risks) of switching from one vendor to another are perceived as simply too high to justify the move, and as a result, businesses remain stuck with obsolete, expensive, and hard-to-maintain infrastructures. It’s important to observe that according to the same survey, vendor lock-in affects both traditional on-premise solutions and cloud solutions.

In the email and collaboration market, escaping vendor lock-in is an especially delicate matter. Companies can’t just buy a Microsoft Exchange license, install it on their current hardware, and start using it. Exchange requires an expensive Windows Server license; because Exchange has high system requirements, dedicated machines are needed. Moreover, Outlook is used as the mail client, adding even more costs. And don’t forget to factor in the costs of support, updates, and maintenance.

The bottom line is that a full Exchange-based collaboration solution is very expensive to deploy, and once you go on that path, it’s prohibitive to go back.

Benefits of Linux-based IMAP servers as compared with Exchange

We have outlined above the two main drawbacks of using Microsoft Exchange and other similar email software solutions – the high costs and the vendor lock-in. Let’s see how Linux-based IMAP servers, such as Kolab, Citadel, or Open-Xchange do in comparison.

The deployment costs for a typical mail server running on Linux are significantly lower than the costs of a similarly-scoped Exchange installation. Even if we are talking about hybrid pieces of software that combine open source and proprietary solutions, the costs are still a fraction of what you would have to pay to use Exchange. Not only are Linux-based solutions cheaper in and of themselves, but their associated expenses are also drastically reduced. For starters, you can run Kolab on an average server using your favorite flavor of Linux, which you can get for free or for a small cost. You can also replace Outlook with a free mail client such as Mozilla Thunderbird. If you prefer to keep Outlook, you can have all the functionality that your users have grown accustomed to by using affordable Outlook plug-ins, such as Bynari’s Outlook Connector.

Open source based collaboration software is grounded in standards and open protocols. Most open source applications are designed to be modular, interchangeable, and extendable. As a result, lock-in is not an issue for open source applications — not even if we talk about the hybrid approach, which combines open elements with proprietary components. With open technology, customers have an easier time deploying the new system, maintaining it, and upgrading it. And if the situation requires it, changing platforms and seamlessly migrating users is a much more approachable task than in the case of Exchange.

Open source or open core?

We’ve mentioned that some Linux-based alternatives to Microsoft Exchange are based on open source software but include various proprietary components, such as Outlook plug-ins, administration tools, webmail clients, and migration tools. The offerings of this type are sometimes called open core. The natural question that arises is: what are the implications of using an open core suite, as compared to a fully open source application, or a completely closed solution?

Hybrid collaboration platforms offer some substantial benefits, such as the existence of qualified, professional support, which is a major issue for most companies. At the same time, open core providers often customize the open source solutions that stand at the heart of their collaboration offerings, meaning that you will get a well-tested, streamlined solution instead of the standard versions available for the general public. Another benefit would be the improved functionality, ease of use, and flexibility brought by proprietary components.

Even if completely open source applications are generally cheaper than hybrid solutions, the relatively small investment made in an open core solution such as Bynari Collaboration Suite is definitely worth considering.

Bynari gives you a pain-free alternative to Microsoft Exchange

Bynari’s innovative Collaboration Suite combines the capable Kolab IMAP server with other efficient open source components and custom technology developed in-house. The Bynari Collaboration Suite (BCS) gives companies and organizations of all sizes the entire set of instruments required to replace the expensive and labor-intensive Exchange. Now you can benefit from all the functionality of Exchange, without the bloatware and constant hassle brought by Microsoft’s mail server.

BCS provides native support for email, shared calendaring, contact management, and other groupware and collaboration features. BCS is fully compatible with the latest versions of Outlook, including 64-bit versions, so you will have no problems transitioning users from other email servers. Bynari also provides a powerful Web 2.0 webmail client and an intuitive administration tool, making work easier for both users and technical staff.
Retrieved from:http://www.bynari.net/blog/bynari-collaboration-suite/linux-based-mail-servers-challenge-microsoft-exchanges-supremacy/

Perfect Email Conversion Software

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Effective EDB Email Recovery Technique to Repair & Export EDB 2 PST

Whenever you pass through with the crucial stages of Exchange Server file, we help you to handle with all problems. We are the top ranking exchange recovery company and we made a perfect and relevant way to recover inaccessible Exchange file in every situation.

What people do after EDB file become inaccessible?
Generally Every Exchange Server users like to have a topmost solution in every problem related to EDB file corruptions. There could be any of corruption whether hardware or software, but we provide a solution according to all situations. We created a best technique as an Exchange email converter that instantly repair corrupt EDB file and recover data from it safely.

Grab A Best Solution from US
We at Enstella have a team of brilliant developers who have been done a long R&D that results as an excellent solution to recover Exchange emails from affected area. It also supports user to convert Exchange emails into MS Outlook application. After converting Exchange file into Outlook format, user can easily access the data again as earlier.
Retrieved from:http://www.exchangeemailconverter.com/

How to Recover and Restore Precious Mail Items from Severely Damaged MS Exchange Server

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Now-a-days, many organizations use Exchange Server to perform their email communication. The Exchange Server database stores all the precious emails and other user mailbox components, such as the calendar entries, notes, contacts etc. But, unfortunately, due to many unavoidable problems, like virus infection, file system corruption of the server drive or any other hardware/software malfunction, the Exchange Server database gets corrupt.

The application event log stores various activities including the error reports related to the functioning of the Exchange Server. In case of corruption in Exchange Server 2000, one of the error messages logged in the event log file can be read as below:

“Date: Date
Source: ESE
Time: Time
Category: Database Corruption
Type: Error
Event ID: 448
User: N/A
Computer: ServerName
Description: Information Store (2412) Data inconsistency detected in table Msg of database E:\Program Files\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv4.edb (0,524957).”

After encountering the above error message, when you try to start the Exchange Server, though it starts the mail components are completely inaccessible. To check the problem, when you run the utility, ‘eseutil/g’, it shows another error message as below:
Retrieved from:http://www.pctipstricks.net/blogging/recover-restore-precious-mail-items-severely-damaged-ms-exchange-server/

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Virtualization Support Compatibility with different Hypervisors | Microsoft Hardware and Application Virtualization Support for Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Virtualization Support Compatibility for Hypervisor(s)

Recently, I had an opportunity to attend Microsoft Virtualization Boot-Camp for tow-days, where Microsoft invited several IT Pros from the different Emirates of UAE, and while we went through the different sessions, I have been asked many questions regarding the Virtualization Support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 for various Hardware and Application Virtualization Providers, like Hyper-V, VMWare and etc, so I thought to summarize, and correct some of the misconceptions related to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Virtualization Support.

In the below couple of snapshots, I will show you how you can validate your Hypervisor, which is supported by Microsoft for any Microsoft based product, and especially Microsoft Exchange Server.

Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program helps Microsoft customers, to validate their Hypervisor before they go and install any Microsoft product in a Virtualized fashion, and to receive support from Microsoft, one of the nifty part of MSVVP Program is that it provides handy web based compatibility utility, which allows customers to select product, and then select their desired Hypervisor, which then provides results on the web related that what is supported and what is not.
Retrieved from:http://zahirshahblog.com/2011/12/19/microsoft-exchange-server-2010-virtualization-support-compatibility-with-different-hypervisors-microsoft-hardware-and-application-virtualization-support-for-microsoft-windows-server-and-microsoft-e/

Just How MS Exchange Server Hosting Improves Your Business Venture Experience

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If we have to boost our company by looking into making the correspondence process better, we might find Microsoft Hosted exchange. Actually, Microsoft Exchange may present you with protection of your correspondence, convenience using any device from anyplace of the earth, comfort of controlling plans of conferences and much more.
The exchange provider may offer you all the essential features of emailing services and at the same time you may also have many state-of-the-art options that may make your company life less difficult as well as much more effective. Let us have a quick look at many of the helpful features of MS Exchange.
Safety Is Essential
When you are dealing with your business venture correspondence, you will encounter problems that should be treated very carefully for their sensitive makeup. You must make sure that your own employees get access to right stuff. Now there might be materials that must get restricted accessibility so you can fix permissions. Furthermore, the model must be free from any kind of malware as well as junk. With Microsoft Exchange, you may set up the model in a manner so that your email messages cannot really be opened up until the relevant verifications weren’t performed.
Accessibility From Anyplace
While Microsoft Exchange can run across multiple platforms, your employees should be able to use their cellular devices as well. They are going to appreciate being connected utilizing any of the major web browsers from any kind of portable gadget. With Microsoft Exchange, it is a fairly easy as well as comfortable task. That means your workers and the customers could be in touch where ever they’re.
Group meetings As well as Other Schedules
Collaboration is one area that could help increase business venture output. By using MS Exchange, you will be capable to quickly work together with workers. You’ll be able to keep up with the schedule of conferences and other events. You might not be connected with Outlook live, but the Calendar Attendant is going to be working as your personal assistant monitoring any alterations of gatherings as well as various other events. Once you sign in, you’ll have the ability to see all of the invites as well as adjustments. Naturally, you’ll have the ability to acknowledge, decline or perhaps reschedule the activities.
Better Correspondence
MS Exchange helps you to handle correspondence if you are not on the job so that your employees as well as customers always feel at ease. You could set alternative contact for your clients or perhaps any kind of particular staff if you are not in touch. You may also establish several types of proper emails for different teams of staff or even clients.
If you are choosing best hosted exchange provider, you must take care regarding security as well as dependability. Obtaining the service from a reliable provider. This can make certain that you will be able to appreciate all the services we discussed in this article. Using a trustworthy company, the original expense might look a bit more, yet you’ll succeed over time.
Retrieved from:http://www.redsurgence.org/just-how-ms-exchange-server-hosting-improves-your-business-venture-experience/

Setting Up Microsoft Exchange Sources

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Oracle SES can crawl through and provide secure search for e-mail and calendar items, related metadata, attributes, ACLs, and attachments in Microsoft Exchange. It also provides attribute search and browse functionality, which allows search to be done against a specific subfolder in the hierarchy.

Oracle SES supports incremental crawling; that is, it crawls and indexes only those documents that have changed since the last crawl was scheduled. A document is re-crawled if either the content or metadata or the direct security access (permissions) information of the document has changed. A document is also re-crawled if it is moved within Microsoft Exchange. Documents deleted from Exchange are removed from the index during incremental crawls.

A Microsoft Exchange source covers the following objects in Exchange:

E-mail attachments
Calendar events
Important Notes for Microsoft Exchange Sources

On the Exchange server, the super user must grant himself the Send as and Receive as privileges. You can enable privileges globally for all users in the system. No user-specific privilege grants are required.

See Also:
Microsoft Exchange 2003 Technical Reference Guide and information about permissions in Microsoft Exchange: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/exchange/default.mspx

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Release Notes on OTN for supported platforms

Required Software

Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)
The file ADODB.dll is usually included in the Windows .NET Framework SDK. However, if this file is not on your computer, then you must download the ADODB.dll appropriate for your system from Microsoft and install it using the following command:
gacutil /i adodb.dll

You can download the Windows .NET Framework from this site:


Required Tasks

Proper permissions on the Exchange server must be granted to the Exchange administrator. The Exchange server is crawled with the permission of a super user with the Send as and Receive as privileges. The easiest way to configure this is to use an administrator as super user or create a super user with the administrator privilege and the Send as and Receive as privileges targeting Exchange inbox store and public folders.

To enable the Outlook Web Access logon page, you must enable forms-based authentication on the server. To enable forms-based authentication:

On the Exchange server, log on with the Exchange administrator account, and then start Exchange System Manager.

In the console tree, expand Servers.

Expand the server for which you want to enable forms-based authentication, and then expand Protocols.

Expand HTTP, right-click Exchange Virtual Server, and then click Properties.

In the Exchange Virtual Server Properties dialog box, on the Settings tab, in the Outlook Web Access pane, select the Enable Forms Based Authentication option.

Click Apply, and then click OK.

Restart the IIS server.

If you are using forms-based authentication with SSL off-loading, you must configure your Exchange Server front-end servers to handle this scenario.

See Also:
How to Enable Forms-Based Authentication at


Known Issues

E-mails with multibyte characters sent from a browser with a different language set than the characters in the mail are not indexed correctly in Oracle SES. The multibyte characters are converted to question marks (?).

This is a known e-mail content issue with Microsoft Exchange. To send future e-mails so that the Microsoft Exchange connector can crawl them properly, either of these workarounds can be applied:

Change the browser language to the characters in the e-mail. For example, set it to “Japanese” to input Japanese characters.

Change the value of the following registry key:

(Original) ’1′
(New) Any number (except 1). For example, ’0′
See Also:
How to Modify the Default Browser Language Settings for Outlook Web Access at


Outlook Mobile Access and Exchange 2003 at


Setting Up Identity Management for Microsoft Exchange

The Microsoft Exchange connector uses WebDAV for best performance. Oracle recommends that Active Directory be used as identity management system for the Oracle SES instance. The Active Directory instance must be the same one that Microsoft Exchange is using to authenticate users on the file system.

For the Oracle SES instance to read the files during crawling, add permission to each folder and file to make them accessible by the operating system user that runs the Oracle SES instance. Adding permissions to a folder automatically adds the same permissions to all the files and subfolders in the folder.

See Also:
“Activating the Active Directory Identity Plug-in”
Creating a Microsoft Exchange Source

Create a Microsoft Exchange source on the Home – Sources page. Select Microsoft Exchange from the Source Type list, and click Create.

Enter values for the following parameters:

User Name: User name to authenticate between Oracle SES and Exchange

Password: password to authenticate between Oracle SES and Exchange

Server: Microsoft Exchange server IP

Domain: Microsoft Exchange server domain

LDAP Port: Microsoft Exchange LDAP port

Simple Include: To limit crawling, specify up to 50 colon-delimited path inclusion boundary rules using simplified regular expressions. Specify an inclusion rule that a URL contain, start with, or end with a term. Only *, ^, and $ operators are permitted. An asterisk (*) is a wildcard. A caret (^) denotes the beginning of a URL, and a dollar sign ($) denotes the end. For example: ^https://*.oracle.com/.jpg$

Simple Exclude: To limit crawling, specify up to 50 colon-delimited path exclusion boundary rules using simplified regular expressions. Only *, ^, and $ operators are permitted.

Regular Expression Include: To limit crawling, specify up to 50 colon-delimited path inclusion boundary rules using restricted (full java.util.regexp) regular expression rules. For example:


Regular Expression Exclude: To limit crawling, specify up to 50 colon-delimited path exclusion boundary rules using restricted (full java.util.regexp) regular expression rules.

Microsoft Exchange Source Attributes

Retrieved from:http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21698_01/admin.1122/e21605/clsources003.htm

UCVHOST Blog – Cheap Reliable Affordable Hosting

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Hosted Exchange Server is one of the great products by Microsoft that is most widely used around the world for email purposes by organizations. Hosted Exchange Server is feature rich and offers lots of advantages to its users.

Here are some of the most important advantages of a Hosted Exchange Server –

- It helps businesses to access their emails from anywhere in the world, all they need is an internet connection. You are no longer dependent on your laptop or desktop to access your emails.

- You will be able to better prioritize your tasks and other everyday activities.

- By using Microsoft Hosted Exchange Server you will be able to coordinate schedules of your employees and will also be able to manage calendars.

– You can also manage your resources in office such as equipment and conference rooms etc.

The list of advantages does not end here, there are a lot more which you will see once you get on with a Hosted Exchange Server for your business needs.

Managing Hosted Exchange Server

It requires a lot of management and effort to manage and organize a Microsoft Exchange Server in-house. You will require enough finances, human capital as well as lot of time to maintain Microsoft Exchange Server. If you are planning to host your own Microsoft Exchange Server then you will be required to spend thousands of dollars on its hardware, software and set up. Also you will be required to hire support staff to manage it on a day to day basis which can be expensive.

So the better option for any business would be to go in for a Hosted Exchange Server. With this option you will have your own Microsoft Exchange Server without having to spend on purchasing hardware, maintaining and managing it. You can free up your finances as well as human capital somewhere else in your business for other activities instead of maintaining an exchange server. This way you can earn more profits.

When you choose to go in for Hosted Exchange Server then you will be able to use your Exchange Server as a hosted service. You will be able to get all the benefits of Exchange by just paying a monthly fee to your hosting provider.

Some other features of Hosted Exchange Server

- Low costs – you can reduce your costs by using hosted exchange server. You do not have to pay for the hardware or software or just pay for the consultants that you would be required to hire to maintain it.

- Support – You will get support from your hosting provider that will host your exchange server. They will make sure that your server is always up and running all the time.

- Anytime Access – You can access your email, contacts, tasks, calendar etc from anywhere in the world.

- Higher Productivity – Your workers can perform more efficiently when they are on a Hosted Exchange Server.

- More Reliability – Your hosting provider would give you support 24/7 which will help you to fix your issues as and when they arise. UCVHOST is one such provider.

Overall we can say that Hosted Exchange Server is the best and the most efficient solution to manage your business emails and better coordinate your business.

UCVHOST is the leading provider of Hosted Exchange Server. Just visit UCVHOST and try our service and other plans (Windows VPS, Cheap VPS, Forex VPS, Email VPS, Plesk VPS, MS SQL VPS, Shared Hosting, Linux VPS, Hyper-V VPS ) with our 30 day money back guarantee.
Retrieved from:http://blog.ucvhost.com/?p=1640

How do I set up MS Outlook on a Microsoft Exchange Server from a Remote Connection?

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Things You’ll Need: * PC running Windows XP or later * Microsoft Outlook 2003 or later Step 1 Connect to the remote PC computer using the Remote Desktop Connection program and then log in to the remote system. You will need to know the remote computer’s IP address or host name to establish the connection. Step 2 Open the Start menu and click on the “Control Panel” icon.

Step 3 Double-click on the “Mail” icon. Step 4 Click on the “Show Profiles” button and hit “Add” to create a new Outlook profile on the remote computer. Step 5 Enter a name for the new Outlook profile and hit “OK” when you are finished.

Step 6 Click “Next” and select the “Microsoft Exchange Server” option from the list of account types. Step 7 t “Next” again and enter the server address and username that you use to connect to your Exchange account. Step 8 Click “Next” and “Finish” to complete the Outlook setup process.

Retrieved from:http://webknox.com/q/how-do-i-set-up-ms-outlook-on-a-microsoft-exchange-server-from-a-remote-connection