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The steps for Microsoft Exchange Server Installation

Posted on : 01-04-2012 | By : jake | In : Microsoft Exchange Server

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Microsoft exchange server installation is a task that many companies are doing. This is because the Microsoft Exchange server is one of the more reliable ways for an interconnected office.

Here are some tips:

The first step for a Microsoft exchange server installation is to actually install the software. This means that you should prepare the physical servers which you would use as a host for the email application. It is also in this stage wherein you would have to ensure that all the physical connections (lan cables, routers, and the actual servers) are properly connected.

After the physical setup, you would just need to ensure that the hardware that you are using is actually capable of handling a Microsoft exchange server installation. Note that in this step, the hard task is actually just the physical stuff and ensuring compatibility, usually the installation is nothing more than a few windows and clicking next.


After you are done with the actual installation, you may think that your Microsoft exchange server installation task is already finished; however, this is far from the truth. The next step is to now setup the accounts in the Microsoft exchange.

Setting up the accounts could mean a couple of things. First off, you would have to specify the addresses that the servers would use so that they can communicate with each other. It is also in this part wherein you would have to specify file size limits, connectivity rules and other similar aspects.

The other thing would be to actually insert the users of the Microsoft exchange server installation. This could mean setting up user names and user roles so that people would be able to benefit from what you have installed.

Configuration and Maintenance:

The last step in Microsoft exchange server installation would be configuration and maintenance. You should be on top of the recent developments in your IT infrastructure so that you can adjust the exchange server accordingly. You would also have to add or delete users as the company needs.

Lastly, you should be able to perform the repair work for system issues.
If you think that you would be way over your head when you go for a Microsoft exchange server installation then you may want to contact an IT support firm that would be able to do these things for you. A good firm would help you in all of these steps and ensure that your Microsoft exchange server installation becomes as seamless as possible.
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