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Steps in Configuring Virtuozzo Power Panel Interface in Windows

Posted on : 21-01-2012 | By : admin | In : Virtuozzo on VPS

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Virtuozzo has a file system that makes the partition secured and separated from other partitions. It prevents files from other data from mixing and influencing data in other partition. Each VPS has their own network address, own login credentials, system processes and daemon services. This system is recommended for production servers that work with live data and application because data can be transferred from one virtual environment to another live host.
The tutorial video will guide the user to configure the Virtual Power Panel Interface. The user can adjust the setting depending on his preferences and needs. This tutorial will teach the user to modify setting on Configure Panel.
By following the step-by-step guide, the user will learn to change interface, language, server time and status refresh:

1. Hosting Tutorials will demonstrate how to configure Virtuozzo Power Panel Interface.
2. To access the Configuration Setting, log in to Virtuozzo Power Panel (VZPP).
3. Choose the category Other and click Configure on the Navigation area to be able to go to VZPP Configure Setting. This can be found on the left side of the VZPP.
4. On the right side of the Interface Skin, click the drop down button to modify the display parameters of the VZPP.
5. For this tutorial, choose and click Modern Silver as the Interface Skin.
6. Changes will work after clicking the Submit Button. The Interface Skin will not affect the performance of VZPP.
7. Adjusting the frequency setting of the Status Bar can be done on the Status Bar Refresh option. Status Bar can be found at top of the VZPP server.
8. To adjust the Status Bar setting, click the drop down button and choose Smart Update Option. The status bar will be refreshed once in every 60 seconds, but it has to follow VZPP links.
9. Displayed language can also be modified on the Interface Language.
10. For this tutorial, click the drop down button and choose French as the displayed language.
11. The modified Local Time Zone can affect information on Status Change, QoS Alerts and Action Log. Click the drop down button and choose Server Default located above the (GMT +0:00) Africa/Abidjan. Always double check if the time and date information is right to avoid problems in the future.
12. Forgot password information will be sent on the email address written on the Contact Email bar. The user must remember the email address he put.
13. Click the Submit button to confirm all the changes done on the Configure Panel.
14. After clicking the Submit button, changes must be seen on the interface automatically.
15. Now let us change the modified settings to its default.
16. On the Navigation area, choose Configure under Option category.
17. Click the drop down button in Apparence de I’interface.
18. Select and click WinXP New.
19. In this tutorial, the language was set on French so the display language is written in French. To change it back to English, click the drop down button and choose English in Langue de I’interface.
20. Click Submit.
21. You now learned how to configure Power Panel interface. Remember, the modified setting can only be seen on the current browser or where the user changed the setting. The setting will be on its default if the user changed the browser or computer.
22. Thank you for watching How to Configure Virtuozzo Power Panel Interface.
Retrieved from:http://hostingtutorials.com/steps-in-configuring-virtuozzo-power-panel-interface-in-windows/

How to Change Your Power Panel Password in Virtuozzo

Posted on : 11-01-2012 | By : admin | In : Virtuozzo on VPS

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to change your password in Power Panel. It is important to change your password regularly to ensure the security of your account. It is also good to use passwords that are not easy to guess like your phone number, birthday, or the number of letters on your name.
Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to change your power panel password:

1. Login to your Virtuozzo Power Panel.
2. Once you are logged in, you may now change the password that you use to log in. On the left side of your page, click on the “Change Password” link.
3. You will then be brought to the Change Administrator Password screen. On the box provided, enter your new password.
4. On the box below it, re-enter your new password. This step ensures that you have typed your password correctly. When you are finished, click on the “Change” button to activate the new password.
5. You now have a new password. Use this new password when you log in to your Virtuozzo Power Panel next time.
6. To return to the main screen, click on the “Top” link at the top of the page.
7. You have now learned how to change the password that you use for logging into your Virtuozzo Power Panel. Remember to do so regularly in order to maintain the security of your account. Thank you for watching this tutorial.
Retrieved from:http://hostingtutorials.com/how-to-change-your-power-panel-password-in-virtuozzo/

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers: Maximize Your Server Hardware Investment with an OS Virtualization Solution

Posted on : 11-01-2012 | By : admin | In : Virtuozzo on VPS

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At the outset, shared hosting is ideal for most people but as you begin making money using your websites and start gaining traffic, it would be a good thing to switch over to Virtual Private Server hosting. With it, you can partition a single Web server using virtualization software to make it seem like multiple virtual servers. Perhaps, the most common operating system virtualization software that can maximize your server hardware investment is Parallels Virtuozzo Containers.

Uniquely matched to Cloud server virtualization, Parallels Virtuozzo allows near immediate provisioning and on-the-run hosting modification as well as Cloud server plans while catering maximum cost efficiency, density and application performance. With this virtualization technology, you can increase revenue by running 300 percent more virtual private server subscriptions on each server, optimize costs and increase application performance up to 50 percent.

Virtualization at the operating system host offers an efficient and lean virtualization layer that allows higher virtual server density ratios to physical servers. By using Parallels Virtuozzo, you can maximize the use of your existing servers by around three times over hypervisor solutions. Because of this, you can save on cost not only on energy and maintenance but also on server expenses.

Operating system containerization allows you to run multiple subscriptions on each server by making isolated and secured virtual servers. Parallels Virtuozzo features dynamic library sharing that can help you reduce the value of memory required by every virtual server. It has a file system too that can significantly reduce per-subscription memory requirements and disk space by permitting common program and OS component sharing while preserving the facility for individualized customization.

Another notable feature of Virtuozzo Containers is it will let you streamline your day to day operations. This OS virtualization solution comes with operating system templates that can help simplify the course of making and keeping “gold images” used to directly provision virtual private server or Cloud servers. It also features some application templates that help automate fast application deployment and configuration into virtual servers, allowing you to extend your existing services easily.

Moreover, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers can help you reduce maintenance costs as with it, you can install host operating system and programs like antivirus and backup on the server and not on every virtual server. Lastly, this virtualization technology offers the widest set of productivity tools for both the service providers and their clients. These tools allow monitoring, administration, troubleshooting, recovery, backup, deployment and provisioning of virtual private server and Cloud servers.

Express provisioning means up-to-the-minute servers can be accessible upon ordering. With Parallels Virtuozzo, service providers can instantly deploy an efficient Cloud hosting infrastructure and provide a variety of Cloud and hosting services that plead to the widest possible customer base. It has been optimized and designed to work with all Cloud enablement solutions and Parallels hosting including the Plesk Panel, Parallels Business Automation Standard and Parallels Automation.

Overall, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers empower Information Technology organizations to address critical challenges as improving the flexibility of assigning computing resources and automating routine tasks. It also helps in increasing information technology infrastructure demands.
Retrieved from:http://www.parallelspromocodes.com/virtuozzocontainers

It’s All About Top Performance When It Comes To Virtuozzo Vps Hosting

Posted on : 01-12-2011 | By : admin | In : Virtuozzo on VPS

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Parallels Virtuozzo containers offer a number of critical advantages to server virtualization service users. These advantages are achieved through the unique set of features or characteristics that Virtuozzo Containers possess. Some of the challenges that these features address include flexibility of configuration, server speed and efficiency, database management and resource allocation. The following features are specifically meant to address these challenges and provide credible and veritable solutions.

The first feature that Virtuozzo VPS contains is the systems calls feature. This feature ensures all resources on the server are accounted for and warn the administrator on any changes in configuration or capacity of any component of the Virtual Environment.

This is further complemented by the file system feature that ensures that common data is not duplicated to every Virtual Environment instance but is rather shared out across all other Virtual Environment instances. This ensures efficient use of the resources resident on the server. A third feature amongst many others worth mentioning is the easy and instantaneous creation of a unique Virtual Environment.

This easy creation and deployment feature offers the Virtuozzo user a flexible and indispensible tool especially in a dynamic IT environment. As may be seen in these three instances, the need for intelligent virtualization systems and resource allocation efficiency is integral to the successful and seamless integration of the virtualized platform to the existing hardware platform.

Running a virtualized server efficiently and ensuring peak performance is not only a function of integral features but also of foundational architecture of the whole VPS hosting system as well. As may be appreciated from these few features, the ability of a Virtuozzo VPS system solution to create a conducive and easily manipulated Virtual Environment is apparent and this goes to demonstrate further the superior nature of the Virtuozzo Containers.

Other VPS hosting solutions that are based on the more archaic hardware based virtualization slack off on performance due to their heavy reliance on resources and the multiple layers of virtualized resources. This is especially apparent when multiple operating systems are visualized or when each virtualized instance requires independent configuration and management.

Ultimately, for companies seeking a low-overhead, flexible and easily scalable VPS hosting solution, Virtuozzo Containers possess a host of advantages in their inherent features that will ensure top notch performance from your virtual environment and near unlimited options to the number and configurations of the Virtual Environments you want to create.

Retrieved from:http://domainnametips.org/vps-hosting/its-all-about-top-performance-when-it-comes-to-virtuozzo-vps-hosting/

How to Manually Migrate a VZ Container

Posted on : 01-12-2011 | By : admin | In : Virtuozzo on VPS

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Have a tricky VPS that vzmigrate just can’t move? Luckily, Virtuozzo (and OpenVZ for that matter) are pretty simple in terms of how the containers are set up. You’re mainly dealing with two locations that data for the container is stored:
To manually move a container to another node, all you need to do is copy those folders:
rsync -av /vz/private/$VEID $newserver:/vz/private
rsync -av /etc/vz/conf/$VEID $newserver:/etc/vz/conf
Then on the server server, just start it right up. You do need to have the container’s OS template installed on the new node, as referenced in the container’s config file.
This same process also applies to cloning a VPS, which is particularly useful on an OpenVZ server where the vzmlocal command isn’t available. All you have to do is use similar commands to rsync the container’s private folder to a new VEID:
rsync -av /vz/private/$VEID /vz/private/$NEWVEID
rsync -av /etc/vz/conf/$VEID /etc/vz/conf/$NEWVEID
Then just change the hostname and ip variables in the new container’s config file.

Retrieved from: http://www.thevirtuozzoadmin.com/how-to-manually-migrate-a-vz-container/

Virtuozzo VPS Hosting Will be the New Kid relating to the Virtualization Inhibit With A lot of Mad Competencies « Windsor Business Magazine

Posted on : 01-12-2011 | By : admin | In : Virtuozzo on VPS

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Another critical area of Virtuozzo Containers is definitely the complete isolation of each and every Virtual Atmosphere or Online Server. Because each one of these VE’s reside one server along with use 1 OS, the risk of 1 VE affecting sub-par ones is noticeable. However, Virtuozzo VPS web hosting creates airtight VE cases that are not able to affect 1 whatsoever. Employing cutting-edge technological know-how, Virtuozzo assure each partition is always independent along with isolated on the others. This includes that server users of merely one partition are not able to access some other partitions whenever.

Resource allocation may perhaps be perhaps the next matter one acknowledges when entertaining the idea of virtualization. Why not consider limits, resource overages and the like? Virtuozzo provides an integrated way to this difficulty that protects CPU, computer space, memory along with network l/O issues with each partition. It will occur any particular one changes should be made to 1 partition, express, perhaps the actual increase or maybe scaling all the way up of area. This can be achieved easily with the use of resource managing tools easy to get to to the actual server administrator. In element, these adjustments you should not affect any aspects belonging to the VE or dedicated server hosting VE’s either.

For this you will need space using the web. This space is established through the net and server is appropriate as the actual gateway. For carrying out this there really are basically two strategies for web web hosting. The first you are you must created your individual server and therefore the second you are of hiring a room on the actual already recent server or shared enviroment.

It is very important to find the one and that is right for you personally because oahu is the experience you give towards website prospects. If the ability is a distressing one next you won’t get hold of further visits against your website. It’s effort now to go over about the actual differences concerning VPS along with dedicated providers.

Many IT AGAIN departments presently struggle on the day after day basis vps inherent constraints that a number of IT equipment configurations maintain. Due towards physical portion of these IT AGAIN resources, they often lack freedom, scalability or maybe seamless efficacy when marking new software or reconfiguring recent ones. This challenge is particularly so relating to handling providers. IT division or staff tasked by using maintaining providers will advise you one element, theses providers need loads of maintenance and they also cost a great find.

However, aided by the ever current advances within technology, there can be one option that can solve these issues. This technological know-how comes through Virtuozzo Container. This server virtualization technological know-how leverages the actual near all-pervasive virtualization technology to develop numerous Container or Online Environments about the same OS. The technological know-how further controls whatever server resources you’ve got and as a result of VPS web hosting, enables that you run a great deal more applications upon dedicated Virtuozzo Container, all split onto 1 physical server by using one OPERATING SYSTEM. VPS web hosting has prolonged to rewrite off a variety of innovations all this is one of them. A result of utilization in cloud means to variety and jog the server software, the scalability along with flexibility in Virtuozzo VPS would make sure your IT AGAIN department spends lengthier working along with less effort doing regime maintenance.

Dedicated severs are usually costly. They need invest lots in just purchasing the necessary machines, and possessing it built. You will also demand a good statistics centre associated with a lab and keep the devoted severs and next maintain vps hosting. Severs really are like persons. They very fall frustrated, and grow illnesses. People too, have to be protected on the external potential issues.

Servers regularly go off-line to a number of problems. This might be power failures, failure in certain machines, software secrets, and the like. Their systems should be updated constantly so they really are guarded from detrimental viruses along with Trojans. So, you it is fair to hire personnel this kind of tool cover these factors. It doesn’t seem sensible to spend a great deal of on an affiliate site that should hardly run for two months.

Retrieved from: http://windsorbusinessmagazine.com/?p=268

Virtuozzo Power Panel

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Virtual private servers are a very popular choice of hosting arrangement. They allow users to have what amounts to a server all to themselves, though their ‘server’ is actually one of many hosted on a single, physical piece of hardware. This option gives users the ability to consume more resources than with shared hosting, as well as to make choices concerning which operating system and software to use. In many respects, they are virtually identical to having an actual, dedicated server.

When it comes to using a virtual private server, they still need to be managed just like a regular server does. Software like Virtuozzo Power Panel helps to make this job easier, allowing users to efficiently manage their VPS with no headaches, as well as monitor their server’s heath, perform routine maintenance, and monitor the resources that their tasks and applications are consuming.

Using Virtuozzo Power Panel, users can start, stop, or reboot their server. None of these actions affect virtual private servers that exist on the same physical server, which is one of the key advantages of choosing VPS hosting.

If anything with the server goes wrong, the Virtuozzo Power Panel can be started in ‘repair’ mode, to attempt to fix things if a virtual private server fails to boot properly. If this doesn’t correct the problem,
Virtuozzo Power Panel can be used to reinstall the entire VPS, with the option to either keep or discard other files stored on the system. The Power Panel also allows users to back up their VPS, as well as restore it from the last backup. This is useful in case anything goes wrong, or the user wishes to copy or move their VPS in the future. Some fully-managed server hosting offers automatic backups as part of the hosting agreement, while self-managed plans do not. Being able to easily back up and restore the VPS is important.

Virtuozzo Power Panel also helps users monitor their virtual private server’s resource consumption. Users can see their server’s CPU, disk space, disk inode, and system usage. They can also choose to start or stop certain tasks or services on their VPS. This is vital for ensuring the server’s uptime, and making sure that nothing is consuming more resources than it should. Being able to easily monitor the server is integral to preventing unnecessary downtime and lost productivity.

Virtuozzo Power Panel is also more reliable than other, similar software. Virtuozzo Power Panel is set up so that each private server has their own Power Panel, which ensures that that particular VPS will be able to be controlled regardless of what happens to the other virtual servers on the physical server itself, or what happens to a hosting company’s primary server.

In terms of aesthetics and accessibility, Virtuozzo Power Panel has a clean, easy to understand layout, and can easily be accessed by port 4643. This puts it ahead of other control panels, many of which are difficult to understand for anyone who is not experienced with them. Since not everyone who has a virtual private server is thoroughly versed in all aspects of managing a private server, the fact that Virtuozzo Power Panel is laid out in a simple fashion gives it an advantage over other control panels.

Virtuozzo Power Panel is a powerful tool for VPS users. With it, they have a high degree of control over exactly how their VPS behaves and functions, and can easily diagnose and correct problems in the VPS, back up and restore it, or re-install it completely. This software is a very popular choice, and is offered by many VPS hosts.

Retrieved from:http://www.vpshostings.net/page/virtuozzo-power-panel


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As a VPS user you have a powerful tool which keeps track of your server status and performance, known as logs. The Virtuozzo Power Panel generates logs in four main areas, which are: Status Changes, QoS Alerts, Actions Log, and Traffic Log. The Status Changes log will keep you up to date on the latest activities involving rebooting, backing up, starting or stopping the server. QoS Alerts generate a log which displays hardware resource status. This log is helpful when hardware resource limits are in danger of being reached. The Actions Log allows you to view the specific action you perform in the Virtuozzo Power Panel and provide detailed information on those actions.

The VPS log is not only a great tool for general knowledge of your account, the VPS logs allow you to determine if changes need to be made to your server. The Traffic Log allows you to view the traffic which passes through your server so that you can keep an eye on who or what is passing through your server. The Virtuozzo Power Panel logs keep the user in touch with the everyday status and health of their server.

Retrieved from:http://www.vpshosting.com/vps-video-tutorial/view-vps-logs-virtuozzo-power-panel/

Creating Application template in VPS Virtuozzo

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Follow the below steps to create the application templates(.Net 4.0, smarter mail, MSDE) to install directly in the in the container from main node rather going by manually in the servers.

1. Open Template creation winzard

2. Give a test contianer details to be created with a free IP in the node (temporary
container for creating the template)

2. Download the setup file and keep it in folder.

4. specify temlate configuration settings:

–> Application folder: Give the path (folder name) in which the setup file resides
–> Template name: testtemplate

5. connect to container:

RDP will open to test container for the test container we initailzed and install the

Note: Follow the template creation wizard till the end.

Go to temporary continaer root folder
(e.g) c:\distributive \the folder which you have created will be there \setup.exe

6. Run the application

Installation will start and If there is any pending setup file it required either
follow the step 3 or it will automatically download the files.

7. Once installed, give next to follow the wizard –> the temporary contianer will
create a efd file

Specify Template Information:

title: give name for template
vendor : give as microsoft (eg)
application version : setup (verison)

8. Give next fo regisrty entries. . .

9. Final step is Install on Hrdware node

10. template will install . Save to another location or the default location specified.

Hope the installation will get complete and ready for use.
Follow the steps and If you have any doubts, let me know!!.

Retrieved from:http://connectwindows.com/wp/creating-application-template-vps-virtuozzo

Virtuozzo / OpenVZ container virtualization

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The SpamExperts Local Cloud product runs fine on any type of virtualization platform. Container technology used by OpenVZ/Virtuozzo is not recommended, because the virtual machines lack certain permissions that full virtualization offers. In case you do choose to run the system in a container, it is very important to check the underlying settings to avoid problems.

The container restrictions can be evaluated in /proc/user_beancounters on the virtual machine. A failcnt higher than 0 means that a resource limit was hit. You’ll need to ensure that no resource limits are hit. The number will be increasing if it’s a problem at the moment of checking.

When setting the cpulimit, you need to ensure that it is set to use all CPU cores. With 4 CPU cores that means you need to set the limit to 400% (not 100%!).
/etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/hostname

It is very important that after a reboot, these files are NOT modified. Please ensure that they are not rebuild every reboot.

Retrieved from:https://my.spamexperts.com/kb/138/Virtuozzo-or-OpenVZ-container-virtualization.html