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Windows VPS – Enjoy The Comfort Of Windows Virtual Server | UCVHOST Blog

Posted on : 05-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Cheap VPS, Virtual Private Server, Virtual Server, VPS, VPS Hosting, Windows Virtual Server, Windows VPS

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In this article we plan to focus on the comforts that a Windows VPS gives its users. Windows VPS is also known as a Windows Virtual Server since it is based on the concept of virtualization.

In a VPS or a Virtual Private Server a high end physical server is divided into small servers by creating a virtual partition. This virtual partition gives each server its own operating system which can be either Windows or Linux. Now each Virtual Server acts as an independent entity and can be rebooted as and when desired. Usually a Windows Virtual Server is more common because of its ease of use. The resources that you will be needing can be defined and you can best use your server or your VPS.

A physical server can have both Windows as well as Linux operating systems simultaneously. So virtualization has a lot of benefits, both of the user as well as the hosting provider. It gives a sense of comfort to its users which are illustrated below:

- A Windows VPS works independently and is not affected by the others who share the same server. With this technology you can make your Windows Virtual Server completely secure. You do not have to worry about the others getting hacked and about your website’s working, in other words, you do not have to face a bad neighbor effect which is very much common in a Shared Hosting.

- You can modify your resources on a Virtual Server. You can install and uninstall applications and software as and when required. This way you can utilize your money to the best possible extent. So it becomes impossible sometimes to differentiate between a Dedicated Server and a Virtual Private Server. Therefore, a Windows Virtual Server is also known as a Windows Virtual Dedicated Server.

- Each Windows VPS has its own IP which is unique.

- It also supports a large amount of applications that can be installed based on your requirement. A Windows VPS is very much compatible with ASP.NET, ColdFusion etc which are used by a lot of developers.

- Administrators can have a full control of VPS.

- Also if you select the right hosting company, they will manage your VPS for you. In a VPS Hosting they will update your server as and when updates are available and also will take backups of your server every day. This way you can always be sure that you will never lose your data. This is the best part of a VPS Hosting since you control your VPS and the hosting provider manages it for you.

After looking at the above features one can say a Windows VPS Hosting solution is a great value for money product for anybody who goes for it.

At UCVHOST we give the best VPS services to everybody who takes hosting from us. Our servers are monitored 24 hours of the days and are backed up by an expert customer support. We try to give you an uptime of 99.999% so that you are always up and running. We help you predict your requirements well and design a customized Windows VPS for you so that you do not end up paying for what you do not want. Also you can upgrade your server anytime you want to if you are with UCVHOST. Our Windows VPS Hosting solutions are the cheapest in the market and start at $10 a month (Cheap VPS). Just visit UCVHOST and sign up for one and see the difference.

Retrieved from: Windows VPS – Enjoy The Comfort Of Windows Virtual Server | UCVHOST Blog

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The Way In Which A Virtual Server Operates On A Windows Website Hosting Platform

Posted on : 02-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Virtual Private Server, Virtual Server, VPS Hosting

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A virtual server, or VPS, is a virtual machine which can be exclusively used by an individual client although it runs on a software which is being concurrently used by other customers. A VPS can now function as if it has its own individual computer thanks to technological innovations. Because of this, each VPS has a high level of privacy and independence from other accounts using the same server, to the extent that rebooting one doesn’t affect any of the others.

Choosing a virtual server host is a cheap alternative to dedicated hosting, since it splits just one server into a number of virtual servers, and this single original server’s resources and costs are shared among its respective users. This is unlike renting a dedicated server, because a user of a dedicated server has to pay higher monthly fees because he is effectively the owner of a particular server. Another drawback to renting a dedicated server is that the user has to handle all sorts of administrative tasks as well.

Most operating systems can support VPS, however Windows supports more applications, especially Microsoft applications. Linux cannot support certain applications that are supported by UK VPS hosting and Windows virtual server, which explains why Linux VPS is cheaper.

Nowadays most businesses that want the security and reliability guaranteed by dedicated servers for a more affordable price opt for Windows virtual servers.

Since Windows VPS supports custom Windows apps like PHP, ASP, and ASP.Net, with Access, SQL, or MySQL Server databases, most UK VPS runs on Windows. Windows hosting platforms don’t have a different way of supporting VPS, except for the fact that Windows VPS has more features, meaning greater flexibility and efficiency. Certain Microsoft programs, such as Visual Studio, work only with Windows VPS. Internet Information Servers (IIS) are also used by Windows virtual servers. IIS reduces the complexity in the system and protects individual websites from problems that may be encountered by other websites on the same server.

UK VPS hosting and Windows virtual server can be accessed through a control panel which comes with the plan you choose or with a Remote Desktop. The Hyper-V technology developed by Microsoft is used to run Windows virtual servers, making them ideal for all sorts of Windows application hosting like desktop visualization and all sorts of different databases. Windows virtual servers are also easier to manage since users are granted direct access to the server through the Remote Desktop. This also comes with a Windows VPS hosting service, which has great support for Microsoft Access and SQL databases. Another advantage of Windows virtual servers is that they are so similar to dedicated servers, giving their users the freedom to install as many Windows applications or other web applications as their websites may need. Most Windows virtual servers also offer high storage and RAM capacities. With UK VPS hosting and Windows virtual server, users can also make use of the Windows Firewall feature. Windows VPS servers can be configured with the firewall and are packaged with the newest versions of the Windows operating system.

Retrieved from: http://allsmileswebhosting.com/the-way-in-which-a-virtual-server-operates-on-a-windows-website-hosting-platform/

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Virtual Private Server Hosting For Every Individual

Posted on : 02-05-2011 | By : admin | In : Cheap VPS, Virtual Private Server, VPS, VPS Hosting

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Vps, period coined by simply web hosting companies on internet signifies a virtual device regarding special make use of by means of a single customer just. It extends being a computer software for a passing fancy pc since other customers yet is just like a different laptop or computer in addition to provides this individual’s requirements and contains the similar solitude since given by a new personal computer which may be set up to own like a hosting server far too. Many digital servers in addition to windows dedicated servers can easily run a great so in addition to system on their own.

Some sort of virtual private server hosting sticks to partitioning one particular machine in multiple servers with assistance of virtual; application along with microcomputers. Most of this virtual private server hosting can be a mediated course involving web hosting shared and dedicated servers regarding hosting, giving their potential customers independence simultaneously pricing lower than dedicated servers.

As a result of huge number associated with customers managing 1 equipment any virtual private server hosting delivers constrained RAM, hard disk drive space as well as running moment. Escalating corporations are offering to you these kinds of dedicated servers for an expansion involving hosting.

Having a Virtual private server account one particular gets underlying usage of your hosting server which often enables to put in as well as get rid of any software a single desires. Even though positioning setup along with responsibility to be able to put into practice giving you.

One may get bogged along through the earlier mentioned granted personal computer program lingo and might acquire discouraged from the technicalities on the notion of dedicated servers along with virtual personal helping web hosting service in addition to windows dedicated servers. It might be simpler to see the idea of some sort of virtual private server hosting from the pursuing outline. It can be essentially a means of hooking up several personal computers to at least one single mother personal computer. So as to the various consumers will maintain self-sufficient records on the primary pc though performing on their own particular personal computers over the main pc. Everyone will utilize very same link and will access the same principal pc although devoid of interfering or almost any familiarity with the opposite recent end users.

Now how would it help- 1st this can be a whole lot less expensive along with next it might be invaluable in a university where the individuals can offer various pcs and also accounts however have a sole host, the primary laptop or computer. It makes that ton better to deal with and take notice of the things to do of the users by employing cheap dedicated servers. Celebrate less complicated to maintain tabs on the consumers and to catch some sort of conflict in case any kind of since everybody is being able to access by way of a individual computer. In addition, it have their own negatives because the major machine turns into at risk from hijacking as well as cracking the particular value by a number of end users to find access to the main laptop or computer, it’s vulnerable to currently being hacked. Also since the space along with functionality available is proscribed presenting the person extremely less to work via it isn’t very efficient for any large client. Cheap Dedicated Servers and also windows committed providers are great for offices as well as companies where it could work as a kind of intranet hooking up the company as well demonstrating for being distinctive for that enterprise merely. An online provider assistance internet hosting provides a good deal within a smaller package deal along with very affordable prices.


Retrieved from: http://www.articlesbase.com/web-hosting-articles/virtual-private-server-hosting-for-every-individual-4644482.html

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Virtual private server Web hosting – Bed not the culprit A Microsoft windows Virtual private server Better Than A devoted Server?

Posted on : 30-04-2011 | By : admin | In : Cheap VPS, Virtual Private Server

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Windows VPS is the word for Vps which has Windows because its computer. Virtual Private Server as everyone knows is a most recently released engineering development in neuro-scientific hosting and many persons are choosing it. The volume of customers on this technology has grown around the globe. A Windows VPS offers you features similar to that relating to a fanatical hosting server and is also really cheap in comparison with it. Its impressive price levels make it the popular option amongst buyers everywhere.

Well those who’re even now fresh to fraxel treatments here are several in the details for yourself as regards Windows VPS when compared to a Dedicated Server.

* You can make your site on the web on this package whilst still being not spend much within the hosting some of it. You will not have to invest a lot of money on your own dedicated server since Microsoft windows VPS gives you all for your very little worth. It helps save money for you personally to help you wait in your business instead of the hosting some of it.

* Windows VPS servers greater level of much easier to maintain. A lot of hosting services are giving managed VPS services so 100 % free. They are going to manage your server for yourself. You will not have to hire a professional to regulate your Virtual server. To help you focus on your small business while focusing less for the routine maintenance part of it.

* Within a dedicated server plan you might be given an actual server. But in a Virtual private server it is not necessary an actual server as it is an online server where an active server is partitioned virtually right great deal of servers. Because of this , why they may be a whole lot less expensive than web site hosting.

* Windows Virtual private server hosting doesn’t simply reduce your cost but also gives you the identical top features of dedicated hosting. You are able to customize your server and install any computer software or application you want based upon your preferences. This can be done in the dedicated hosting too but it really would set you back a whole lot. Therefore it is just a cheaper option for customizing your server.

* You will get a VPS set in Two or three hrs after getting ordered it in your web hosting organization. That isn’t so regarding a devoted server. After you have placed an investment because of it, the hosting company usually takes a week or so to offer your server to your account because it’s an actual server. And this easy getting a server also interests a lot of people.

Hence there are plenty of advantages linked to a cheap vps and one must try choosing it.

Retrieved from: http://www.hostsecondthought.com/?p=579

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