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How to Set Up Your Email On a cPanel VPS

Posted on : 16-10-2011 | By : admin | In : Email Server, Email VPS

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cPanel is a Unix-based server management program that allows you to control web hosting features using an intuitive graphical interface. It’s usually bundled with the hosting plans of most companies. cPanel contains many tools that users can utilize to set up third-party software, email accounts, and server-side databases.

Once you have setup your virtual private hosting account, creating email accounts using cPanel is a breeze. Below is a walkthrough in setting up an email account using cPanel.
In your web browser, type in the following to access cPanel: http://yourdomainname.com/cpanel. Enter your cPanel username and password and click on the “Login” button.
In the Mail section of the home screen, click on the Email Accounts icon. Enter the required information. The common format for an email address is user@yourdomainname.com. Create a password as well and retype it in the “Password (again)” field. Specify the user’s mailbox size in the “Mailbox quota (optional)” field. You may leave it blank should you wish to use the default size. Click on the “Create” button to make the new email account.
At the bottom of the page, look for “Access Webmail” and click on it. Here, you may logon to your new email account. You can now send, receive, and read email just like in other web-based email services such as Yahoo! or Gmail.
Should you wish to remove an email account, go to the “Current Accounts” menu. Here, look for the email address that you want to delete. Under the “Functions” box, click on the “Delete” icon. If you’re sure that you want to permanently remove the account, choose “Yes.” Doing so will take you to a confirmation screen.
Setting up email using cPanel is a fairly straightforward process that requires only a few minutes. Once you have made an email account, you may access that account with Webmail or an email client.

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What is Email Server Hosting?

Posted on : 16-10-2011 | By : admin | In : Email Server, Email VPS

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Email Server Hosting is the service available from website hosts which offer mail-server features to customers. Email Server Hosting is designed for business owners or consumers looking for a reliable e-mail services featuring web-mail, IMAP, POP and SMTP. Email Server Hosting traditionally consist of spam as well as virus safeguards and a lot of other functions. Email Server Hosting are appropriate for Outlook as well as other 3rd party email clients along with almost all cell phones. Email Server Hosting ordinarily provide premium email at a cost rather than cost-free e-mail or no cost webmail.

Email Server Hosting consist of high quality email solutions, customized configurations in addition to a large number of mailboxes. Email Server Hosting typically support the usage of your very own website address.

Virtually all Email Server Hosting supply reliable email services located on dedicated custom made email platforms. The technology and choices of different Email Server Hosting may differ amongst companies. Email Server Hosting available at many hosting services is generally more basic POP-based email and web-mail using open-source web-mail applications such as Horde, SquirrelMail and also RoundCube. Almost all web host providers provide standard mail-server capabilities. Quite a few email hosting providers offer more advanced e-mail solutions particularly MS Exchange Server.

A number of internet hosting companies offer secure mail server abilities making use of SSL. Email Server Hosting which provide protected connections support POP3 as well as IMAP over SSL. This allows the connections to the host to be protected so online hackers is not able to exploit a person’s e-mails. This really is a good option if you would like keep the e-mail connection secure.

Another really good recommendation is to locate Email Server Hosting that come with a dedicated IP address. Furthermore locate Email Server Hosting that will create a PTR and SOA entry for you. All of these will minimize the chances of your emails being sent to a person’s junk mail folder.

Do your research when looking for Email Server Hosting. You cannot assume all Email Server Hosting provide the same level of service and guidance. Its also wise to be cautious with picking Email Server Hosting since a handful of website hosts might overburden their web servers. A number of in addition don’t have security policies set to shield the system from spam emails. When you are selecting Email Server Hosting do a search on the web and see if you can find any good or lousy opinions about the business.

Retrieved from:-http://competearticles.com/2011/10/07/what-is-email-server-hosting/

Value of Secure Server Email Companies

Posted on : 16-10-2011 | By : admin | In : Email Server, Email VPS

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Once you start off a enterprise, you wish to preserve any information that you just get as secure as you possibly can. Secure server email is 1 way for you personally to ensure that any messages that happen to be transmitted is secure and secure to help keep anybody from hacking into your email and acquiring information. Email is a quick, cost-free, and effective approach to send information in all diverse forms to anyplace around the planet. In case you are a enterprise, you most likely use it to send newsletters as well as other information out to clients and if you do not have an email server that is secure, you could be setting your self up for problems down the road.

What’s secure server email? In case you are one of the greatest actual estate web sites, you wish to preserve any information that you just send to clients and any information that they send to you as private as you possibly can. A secure server email is a special server that has security measures in area to counteract and help to foil any hacker from gaining access to information that they’re able to use to send out spam or use to steal someone’s identity.

What are the benefits of secure server email? Hackers prey on unsecured email servers as a way of gaining information and email addresses that they’re able to then spam. Even though this really is illegal, it still occurs each and every single day. You want to make certain that you just preserve your email list as secure as you possibly can to make sure that it truly is only used for your purposes. Practically nothing harms the reputation of a firm over their server becoming hacked and individual information becoming leaked.

Protection from viruses is one more advantage of secure server email. For those who have a enterprise site, you do not want your site to be destroyed using a virus that you just have received via email. A secure server email can scan your email to be confident that nothing at all dangerous is becoming transmitted by means of it that will destroy your site, your difficult drive, or delete or steal firm information. Even though you could not see this as important, when you have ever had a personal computer virus, you understand how much that it could affect your life along with your personal computer.

One more advantage of secure server email is its capacity to monitor the email that is sent and received by personnel. Even though all enterprise owners hope that their personnel refrain from utilizing their firm accounts for individual use, you wish to make certain that you just possess a approach to monitor this to ensure that your firm isn’t going to have problems with inappropriate email or even spam inside the future.

In the event you very own a enterprise and have an email account, you wish to make certain that you just appear into secure server email. It could give you the protection that you just should not simply avert your information from becoming hacked and used in techniques that you just do not want, nevertheless it may also help to avert you from acquiring personal computer viruses which will not simply harm your site, but also your personal computer along with your make contact with list.

Whether or not you’re a tiny enterprise or even a large 1, you wish to make certain that you just take the time to make sure that you just have the protection via a secure server email that you just want. Uncover a secure server for your email account nowadays.

Retrieved from:-http://www.homelesstales.com/forum/value-of-secure-server-email-companies/

Why is outbound email from my Mail Server marked as spam by Receiving Mail Servers?

Posted on : 16-10-2011 | By : admin | In : Email Server, Email VPS

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It is extremely common for computer network engineers to utilize internal DNS Servers for managing private/internal processes while using external DNS for managing public/external processes on the internet. For example, clients/servers on a private network are managed using an internal DNS while public websites on the internet are managed using the external DNS provided by a web hosting company. It is also extremely common for customers of web hosting companies to use internal mail servers within their organizations to send outbound email. In order for outbound email originating from an internal mail server to properly route on the internet, they must first have a Reverse DNS Entry also called an A Record for their internal mail server. Secondly, they must have an SPF/TXT Record in order to meet the requirements of the Sender Policy Framework.

The Sender Policy Framework also called Sender ID establishes that the originating internal mail server sending the email is the authorized mail server for the sending domain. When a receiving mail server receives an email, it performs a DNS Lookup of both the A Record and the SPF/TXT Record of the sending mail server. It does this in order to determine the Purported Responsible Address (PRA) for the email. The PRA determines if the received email will route to the receiving party’s Inbox folder or the Spam/Junk Mail folder. When the PRA process is performed, the message header of the email is stamped with the Received-SPF value of PASS, NEUTRAL or FAIL. A ruleset within the receiving mail server then routes the email based upon the Received-SPF value. The majority of email service providers now utilize this process for all incoming email.

As the likely registrar and primary DNS for your domain, your web hosting company should provide you with a Control Panel which allows you to add the appropriate DNS entries for your domain. Without this capability in place, your email will likely continue to be marked as Spam/Junk Mail.

Reverse DNS Entry. An A Record which resolves the Hostname to the IP Address of your internal mail server.

The SPF/TXT Record. Example: v=spf1 ptr ip4: -all

To insure that your outbound email is not marked as spam, you may also be interested in implementing DomainKeys. DomainKeys involves adding two TXT Records to your DNS.

Further information regarding email transport issues can be located here.

Retrieved from:-http://smartnetadmin.blogspot.com/2011/10/why-is-outbound-email-marked-as-spam-by.html

What is Email Server Hosting?

Posted on : 16-10-2011 | By : admin | In : Email Server, Email VPS

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Email Server Hosting is the service available from website hosts which offer mail-server features to customers. Email Server Hosting is designed for business owners or consumers looking for a reliable e-mail services featuring web-mail, IMAP, POP and SMTP. Email Server Hosting traditionally consist of spam as well as virus safeguards and a lot of other functions. Email Server Hosting are appropriate for Outlook as well as other 3rd party email programs along with almost all cell phones. Email Server Hosting usually provide premium email at a cost rather than absolutely free e-mail or no cost web-mail.
Email Server Hosting include of premium email services, custom configurations as well as substantial amount of addresses. Email Server Hosting usually support the utilization of your own domain name.
Nearly all Email Server Hosting provide state-of-the-art email solutions hosted on specialized custom email networks. The solutions and offerings of numerous Email Server Hosting can differ among providers. Email Server Hosting supplied by most web hosting companies is usually more standardised POP based e-mail and webmail applying opensource web-mail software such as Horde, SquirrelMail as well as RoundCube. Virtually all internet hosting suppliers offer standard mail-server functions. Several e-mail web hosting service suppliers offer advanced email solutions like MS Exchange Server.
Some web hosting companies supply you with secure mailserver capabilities utilizing SSL. Email Server Hosting which provide safe internet connections support POP and IMAP over SSL. This permits the connection to the server to remain safe so criminals won’t be able to exploit a person’s messages. This is a good idea if you need to keep the email connection safeguarded.
Another really good suggestion is to find Email Server Hosting which come with a static IP address. Furthermore obtain Email Server Hosting that will create a PTR and SOA DNS entry for you. All of these will greatly reduce the chances of a person’s emails being sent to somebody’s spam folder.
Seek information when searching for Email Server Hosting. Never assume all Email Server Hosting provide you with the same level of service and guidance. You should also be cautious with deciding on Email Server Hosting due to the fact some website hosts might overburden their web servers. Many in addition don’t have safety policies set to shield the server from spam emails. When you are picking Email Server Hosting do a search on the web and find out if you find any good or bad feedback concerning the provider.

Retrieved from:-http://www.articledemand.com/internet-business/web-hosting/what-is-email-server-hosting/

The benefits of Email marketing review

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The b2c email marketing are strong technique that will help you advertise about your enterprise. You may put together and watch for advanced email blast software, email marketer business edition allow you to announce news, tell your subscribers pertaining to new services or email marketing canada, send out commercials or broadcast different activities.A further function of email marketing ebook also mail surveys online to obtain pertinent insight.

Reasonably priced . email marketing smtp server deliver the building blocks in making exclusively crafted newsletters.You can easily circulate it to your own personal continuously growing email subscriber list. Most email marketing uk in addition provide reports which allow you to check your email marketing rules, including keystroke capturing, email delivery results and much more.

Of course email marketing singapore give you the methods in making uniquely constructed newsletters.You’re able to convey it to your very own increasing email subscriber list. Numerous email marketing tool will be able to produce reports which allow you to check your email marketing server, including keystroke capturing, chat monitoring and more

The icontact, including Pinpointe On-Demand, Stream Send and iContact, have several of these qualities. Other newsletter software will assist you to immediately come up with and oversee a reliable targeted email. This particular cheap email marketing tend to be an assortment of capabilities to guide you to generate an outstanding email campaign management. With email marketing autoresponder includes easy-to-use themes and suggestions about tips on how to chance a triumphant venture. Some email marketing melbourne assessments important features observing of your strategy and much more.

We used the actual factors to analyze email marketing monkey. There are free email marketing for nonprofits offer you the tools to make pleasantly designed publications.The premium emailing, that include email marketing companies have a good number of of the listed characteristics.

And so email marketing php will are able to handily develop and even oversee an expert email marketing services uk. Along with email newsletters feature a great diversity of functionality to allow you to deliver a successful free email marketing tips, email marketing professional include things like very easy-to-use themes and advice on techniques to attempt a profitable email marketing smtp server.

Another feature of email templates reporting great features to check your free email marketing solutions plus more. This particular standards are used to gauge triggered email marketing. It’s important that you pick an email marketing comparison that can be simple. Regardless of whether you realize the way it operates of email marketing technology, email newsletter marketing, or how to use email newsletters templates reports and information. The email campaign services you pick usually supplies the various tools and explanations important to help you to very easily produce a beneficial interactive email marketing.

Retrieved from:-http://www.articleonlinedirectory.com/Art/694723/332/the-benefits-of-email-marketing-review.html

How to add an email account in WebsitePanel

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1. Login to WebsitePanel using the login information in your welcome email.

2. Click on your hosting space.

3. Click on the Mail, Accounts menu item form the left menu.

4. You will now see the Email Accounts list. Click the Create Mail Account button.

5. Fill out all information relating to your new email account and click Save.

6. You can now access your new email account via webmail here or via an email client like Outlook. When using an email client, your POP3 server should be mail.yourdomainname (ie mail.demodomain.com.au) and your username should be your full email address (ie demouser@demodomain.com.au). If you use mail.yourdomainname as your SMTP (outgoing) email server rather than your ISP’s SMTP server, you must enable SMTP Authentication.

Retrieved from:-http://blog.expeed.com.au/2011/10/how-to-add-an-email-account-in-websitepanel/

Configure Exchange E-Mail Server Reverse DNS and MX Records Correctly

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In the event that DNS is actually create inaccurately, with time your own mail hosting server Internet protocol is going to be included with blacklists. Currently the majority of E-Mail hosts involve some form of spam defense program which experts claim signifies that your entire incoming mail will likely be obstructed should you choose are actually for auction on any spam blacklist.

On this page Let me identify how you can properly set up the MX as well as opposite DNS documents to your mail machine. This post is depending on a good Exchange 2003/2007 host however some other texting machine will track the identical basic principle.

Determining a good Ip

Beginning from underneath in the initial thing you must do is actually designate a new noise outer Ip for the inside personal tackle of the mail machine. You need to utilize these kind of guidelines in your firewall software in order to port onward SMTP (port Twenty-five) along with NAT a Ip on the inside tackle from the host.

Something a great deal of staff overlook to complete or perhaps verify is always to arranged your outbound NAT principle to work with the identical exterior Ip made for your incoming principle towards the mail hosting server. Via a arranged, Change DNS will not likely match up and as a result your own mail machine will likely be from blacklists. Should your firewall software principles tend to be set up appropriately your Ip on this site medicine identical Ip an individual planned towards the interior exclusive Ip with the mail host.

Produce the MX information to your mail host

With regards to this situation, allow me to share every detail associated with my own mail machine that may help you know what you should do.

Outer Internet protocol:

E-Mail Website: yourdomain.com

You need to always be a great administrator make contact with to your Outer DNS service provider on your area to produce these kind of modifications. Generally this can be achieved via an on the internet cpanel using your DNS supplier. Screwing up that will around the telephone or perhaps by means of E-Mail.

1. One thing we must carry out can be produce a b – document to suggest for the outer Ip planned on the firewall program on the mail machine. Your number An increasing might be known as whatever yet is often known as “mail”. Inside our illustration we’ll generate “mail.yourd.com” to suggest for you to Ip “93.Forty-five.Three.44″

2. Up coming we’re going to generate a good MX record to suggest for the fresh designed a report of our own mail hosting server.

Inside your DNS cpanel pick “add MX record”. Be sure that the particular sponsor handle will be the underlying website name within our scenario “yourwebsite.com”

Established the actual FQDN because Accurate documentation we merely produced that inside our circumstance will be “mail.site.com”.

The cheapest rentals are the most popular but also in the illustration we’ll arranged your top priority since 10.

Utilize NSlookup to test DNS and also MX documents are generally employed

Usually it takes approximately Two days pertaining to DNS in order to multiply however in many instances 12-24 hrs. To test the DNS records are generally employed and proper we can easily make use of nslookup.

1. Open up a new CMD prompt and also type nslookup

2. Type established type=mx

3. Type the particular website name that within our situation will be site.com.

Inside our instance your result need to examine the following in the event that appropriately set up:

> yourwebsite.com

Non-authoritative response:

area.com MX choice Equals 15, mail exchanger Equals mail.yourdomain.com

mail.yourwebsite.com net tackle Equals

Manage Change DNS

Opposite DNS is employed to confirm how the mail host will be whom that claims it really is. The grateful recipients mail machine is going to do a new search to ensure that the actual Ip with the mail The or perhaps web host document throughout DNS matches the particular Ip it really is talking with. Only one RDNS access may be current every Ip.

To achieve this you will have to call your Internet service provider to produce this particular admittance. You do not have the ability to try this inside your DNS cpanel except if your current Internet furthermore web host the DNS and provide you the particular features to incorporate your individual RDNS documents.

In your situation we might speak to our own Web service provider as well as propose that we want to produce a great RDNS admittance for the Ip which may solve way too mail.website.com.

Confirm Change DNS

Yet again normally it takes around Two days regarding DNS for you to multiply however in many instances 12-24 a long time. To confirm how the RDNS synonyms happen to be additional and so are proper perform the next:

1. Open up any CMD prompt.

2. Type Ping -a (Here is the exterior Ip on your mail host. In your circumstance we all make use of the outer Ip mentioned over)

In the event that RDNS is actually designed properly the next result is going to be proven:

H:UsersUser>ping -a

Pinging mail.area.com [93.Forty five.Three.44] along with Thirty-two bytes involving data:

SMTP banner

Each time a mail hosting server determines a link using your mail host this exhibits it’s SMTP banner. This particular hysterical should be resolvable on the internet greatest apply would be to own it as the mail host/A file.

Set up SMTP banner Exchange 2004

1. Open up Exchange program director.

2. Increase your own admin party (“First management group” automatically).

3. Develop Computers.

4. Increase YourServerName.

5. Broaden Protocals box.

6. Pick SMTP package.

7. Around the proper windowpane, appropriate click on the Fall behind SMTP personal Machine (Or title you add your current SMTP Hosting server) and also

choose Attributes.

8. Find the Supply Tabs.

9. Go through the Superior switch.

10. Beneath the Fully-qualified website type mail.area.com (Your A/Host document a person produced throughout DNS for the mail machine)

11. Simply click Okay as well as Fine yet again to take the modifications

Manage SMTP banner Exchange 2007/2010

1. Open up the actual Exchange supervision gaming system.

2. Choose the Enterprise Setup pot.

3. Decide on Centre Transfer package.

4. About the proper choose the Send out Band tabs.

5. Correct simply click the send out connection and choose qualities.

6. For the Standard tabs beneath the Established the actual FQDN this kind of connection will certainly… type the particular An archive website name an individual produced. Which in turn in your circumstance is actually mail.site.com. Simply click Alright.

7. Within the Host Setup box go through the Centre Transfer package.

8. Inside Proper windowpane Find the attributes in the Get Connection underneath Obtain Fittings loss.

9. For the Basic bill underneath the Collection your FQDN this particular connection may… type the particular An archive url of your website a person produced. That within our situation will be mail.website.com. Just click Alright

To make sure that these kinds of adjustments we can easily make use of telnet to watch the particular productivity on creating vital about port 30 to your mail hosting server. Make use of the pursuing methods to achieve this:

1. Available a new CMD prompt

2. Type Telnet mail.yourwebsite.com 30.

The actual productivity the thing is need to look something similar to this kind of and also consist of your own Accurate documentation of one’s mail hosting server:

Two hundred and twenty mail.ful.com ‘microsoft’ ESMTP Mail Services prepared in Sunlight, Twenty-eight January Two

010 18:1951:Something like 20 +0000

The use of a benefit hosting server or possibly a SPAM filtering machine just like a Barracuda your SMTP banner should be arranged with this device/server.

Confirm should your mail hosting server is actually upon spam databases and/or a wide open exchange

An excellent web site to make use of to check on your own MX documents, RDNS, verify that your current mail host is surely an open up communicate and appearance to ascertain if you happen to be for auction on spam provides can be online world.mxtoolbox.com. This can be a fantastic website and something to hold inside your favourites features.

Next these types of manual outlines can effectively and properly manage mail direction-finding from the mail hosting server. The next thing is also risk-free and make sure your own mail host isn’t an empty pass on. I’ll be creating another write-up focused on this kind of sooner.

If you want to certainly not have the anxiety within taking good care of and looking after a great Exchange machine atmosphere you could select a organised exchange machine answer rather.

Retrieved from:-http://www.dnsport.org/configure-exchange-e-mail-server-reverse-dns-and-mx-records-correctly/

Eradicate Spam

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Everyday, both dmoestic and corporate people that use the internet receive volumes of spam e-mail. Also, they are annoying, but sometimes it is possible to miss an essential e-mail or newsletter mainly because you lose it one of several great number of e-mails that flood out of the Inbox. Often visitors important people forget to read your e-mail, because busy people like them hardly contain the perserverance to search through the enormous quantities of spam mail they receive.
One fix for your problem can be a filter or perhaps a free spam blocker. Some companies have designed filters for their customers. Many e-mail servers, specially the renowned ones which may have a reputation to defend, have their own free spam blocker. There are various forms of programs which can help you stop spam, including:
- those that are given after you create a new e-mail address. Every company that provides e-mail service carries a spam filter, including people who offer free accounts like Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail and the like.
- there are also standalone programs which go through your mail folders regularly and do their finest to separate your lives valid e-mail from spam and unwanted mail. The primary disadvantage with one of these free spam blockers is the fact, if they do their checks, they’ll use a significant large amount of your computer’s resources and frequently also of one’s bandwidth. Before installing this type of free spam blocker, you’ll need to determine if this is okay with you.

- other sorts of free spam blockers are the ones that work well as plug-ins with other programs like e-mail clients. The disadvantage with this particular sort of approach is you have to download your mail anyway, prior to a plug-in is capable of doing its stuff.
When you choose try using a filter, you have to make sure that you update it or install new versions regularly, because marketing researchers employed by spammres are continuously developing new methods for ‘fooling’ the filters. Filter makers must maintain by improving their software accordingly.
A complimentary spam blocker sticks to looking for trigger words or phrases inside the text with the e-mails, and categorizing e-mails on that basis. Nowadays, there are special programs being created that hopefully will pass spam through free spam blockers by re-arranging words or having a different language style in the e-mails. It is an unfair internet marketing strategy, obviously, however, if you intend to be shielded from it, you have to also have an up-to-date version of one’s free spam blocker program.
Specialists propose that you ought to review your needs and pay attention to what sort of filter suits you best. Each approach does have it’s advantages and drawbacks. You must make up your mind whether you intend to use the default filter for the e-mail server, or if you would like download your mail before scanning them, or should you be able to share your bandwidth using a standalone application. The most effective way is obviously, if you’re able to blend the many programs in a, but that’s not always practicable. Still, it is advisable that you ought to not remain satisfied with the free spam blocker that your particular e-mail server provides, as you will likely carry on and receive unwanted mail in spite of it. Employing a plugin as well as server-side filters is viewed by many people experts as being the best approach of having lessen spam, taking into consideration the trivial effort it requires to build.

Retrieved from:-http://www.godisa.net/eradicate-spam/

How does an SMTP Mail Server Software Work?

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It is a well known fact that internet has become a part of life of the people. It is difficult to think of life without internet. Communication has become very easy through internet; sending and receiving mails happen within few seconds. But have you ever thought how this quick mail communication takes place? Actually, there is a very interesting technology behind this which is SMTP Mail Server Software or Email Server SMTP.

Basically, communication on the internet occurs through client server connectivity. Whenever an email is sent, the system connects to your SMTP Mail Server Software which is a centralized computer responsible for managing specific service. Actually, Email Server SMTP is responsible for sending emails. The SMTP Mail Server Software passes the mail to another SMTP server so as to reach the destination through several stages. We all know that an email has the sender’s as well as recipient’s address. When you sent an email the client makes a connection with the Email Server SMTP of the sender’s email and thereby the client transmits the sender’s, recipient’s address along with the content of the message. Then the SMTP Mail Server Software locates the recipient’s domain through the email address of the same. If the domain of the recipient’s email id and the domain of the sender’s email id is same then the process will be simple.

Domain is referred to as a unique web address called Internet Protocol address or more commonly known as IP address. A link between this IP address and matching domain names is stored in the DNS or Domain Name Registry. The Email Server SMTP connects to the DNS which sends back the address to it. Then the SMTP Mail Server Software sends the mail to the Email Server SMTP of the recipient’s email service. The server makes sure that the email address of the recipient’s belongs to it and then transfers the mail to the POP3 or IMAP server. These servers store the email till the recipient logs in by using username and password to check the mails.

Thus, in this way communication is possible through SMTP Mail Server Software on the internet but nowadays people are using Email Server SMTP for internet marketing purposes. As a result business companies send bulk messages to be in continuous contact with the customers and tempt them to get back to their websites. However, in the process of sending bulk messages the SMTP Mail Server Software may experience some serious challenges like delay in delivery of mails or not getting delivered at all. This is so because Email Server SMTP has been designed for sending and receiving personal emails and not for sending bulk emails for marketing purposes.

Thus, the main cause of problems like slow delivery of mails or non-delivery of mails is the increase in the number of volume of emails being sent for marketing purposes which the SMTP Mail Server Software or Email Server SMTP is not able to handle. Hence, it is essential to find out the solution for such problems.

Retrieved from:-http://www.articlesbase.com/software-articles/how-does-an-smtp-mail-server-software-work-5237815.html