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Boost your Email Marketing with SMTP Mail Server and SMTP Relay Services

Posted on : 13-12-2011 | By : admin | In : Bulk Email, Bulk Email Software, Bulk Email Solutions On Windows VPS, Bulk Mail Solution

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We all know that in present times maximum work is done by machines and invention of computer and internet has led mankind to reach to new heights. With great technology of computer and internet at your service you can easily access the whole world. Communication has also become easier through internet as it takes few seconds for an email to reach from one person to another in different parts of the world. The technology of internet has become so advanced that it is now used for email marketing by business companies. All this is possible due to SMTP Mail Server. It is very important for a company depending on email or online marketing to install SMTP Mail Server.

Companies using email or online marketing have to send bulk emails to their clients; SMTP Mail Server help in sending the mails easily so that they reach their destination faster and smoother. They have a large database containing several email addresses. Mails are sent to all the email addresses randomly through SMTP Mail Server. Now imagine out of 1000 mails sent if 100 mails are read and out of them some visit the company’s website; the response rate is relatively high. Therefore, SMTP Mail Server is really useful in email marketing.

Interacting with people face to face is very easy but how will you interact when you are away from the person you want to communicate? Earlier, people used to send and receive letters through postal services but now it has become outdated as it is very time consuming. Today people want instant responses and therefore SMTP Relay Services have emerged as a great source of interaction among the people.

With SMTP Relay Services, people do not have to wait long as it helps in sending and receiving mails in seconds through internet. SMTP Relay Services provides information to the sender of the mail that his or her mail has been successfully delivered as soon as the mail reaches the recipient. Thus, messages can be exchanged instantly through these services. This is the reason why business companies are using SMTP Relay Services for email or online marketing. SMTP Relay Services provides many benefits which help the business companies to boost their email marketing by sending bulk emails to large number of people in no minutes time.

Thus, SMTP Mail Server and SMTP Relay Services are really helpful in making email or online marketing successful for the business companies.

Retrieved from:http://goarticles.com/article/Boost-your-Email-Marketing-with-SMTP-Mail-Server-and-SMTP-Relay-Services/5693009/

Beating the Email Marketing Benchmark

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The 4th key area to give attention to in your email campaigns is: Ensuring the Delivery of your Email to the Inbox.

Just by using an email service provider, such as eNudge, will go a long way to ensuring the delivery of your emails into your contact’s inbox. For instance, eNudge creates and sends eNudge emails as unique and individual messages to each recipient, all eNudge emails are structured according to published standards, the HTML generated by the eNudge editor validates correctly, and eNudge stops you from sending to email addresses that have previously bounced.

I had a discussion recently with a person thinking of moving away from a US based email service provider and using eNudge instead, who asked “How often do you have ISPs banning eNudge emails, because they look like spam?”. My answer (touch wood) was “never”; it’s never happened!

Aside from potential problems mitigated by using an email service provider, there are other things that you can do to improve deliverability.

Here are 4 tips to help ensure your emails are delivered to the inbox:

While web pages, which are written in HTML, have numerous features that can be included in them, the HTML that we can use in emailsis a very small subset. So, while it is possible to include features such as survey forms inside your emails, we don’t recommend it due to the likelihood of emails containing this type of functionality being stopped at the email gateway or if they get through, won’t function correctly in the recipient’s email client.You need to think simple when designing your emails. Just because you can do it in a web browser, and just because Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Web will let you create it, doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea in an HTML email.DO: stick to tables, images, simple text, and inline styles (i.e. setting the style of an item by selecting it and setting the style through the editor, one section at a time).
DON’T: use separate style sheets, forms, video, XML, flash, scripts etc.
2. Don’t include attachments. I often discuss this with my subscribers. You can of course add an attachment that is less than 1Mb in size to your emails, but we don’t recommend it, particularly when you are sending your email to a large number of people. Email gateways may get suspicious. You are better off putting that attachment on a web server, and hyper linking text or an image to the file. If you don’t have access to a web server to put your file on, we can help.

3. From Email Address. Send from a recognisable email address with a ‘display name’ that your contacts will recognise.

4. Configure the SPF Record on your domain to specifically allow emails to be sent via your email service provider’s domain – here’s an article on how to configure your SPF record. In short, an SPF record on your domain verifies to the receiving email server that the message was sent by an allowed server.

Retrieved from:http://blog.womensnetwork.com.au/beating-the-email-marketing-benchmark-part-4

Components Of An Email Message

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The right email message sent to the right consumer equals success. Yet, how do you achieve the right message to the right consumer? Well, you should consider breaking down your email message into 3 components – the Promise, the Content, and the Closing. See the breakdown below:

“The Promise” – This is the part of your message where you pledge to make something good happen for consumers. Consumer’s wanted to feel that their problems have been solved, their needs have been met, and their life is a tad bit easier thanks to your products or services. You only have a split second to grab your consumer’s attention and make an appealing offer.

“The Content” – This is the part of your message where you support the promise you have made in your email message. This is your backup, your proof, the core content of the email. This provides the consumer with reason as to why the promise can meet their needs. Focus on presenting the proof as to why your products or services work. Then address the benefits of your products and services. Finally, mention the features that make up coolness of your products or services. Allow the content to work in your favor.

“The Closing” – This is the last part of your message where you bring it on home. This is where you get your consumers to take action. The call-to-action should come into play at this point directing consumers to sign-up, make a purchase, or whatever it is you seem fit for consumers to do.

Be clear on the Promise, Content, and Closing of your email messages and you will see the success of conveying the message of your email marketing campaigns directly to your consumers.

Retrieved from:http://www.buy-email-list.com/1/2011/11/components-of-an-email-message/

How To Target The Right Customers

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The best way to sell your products and services is to get your information into the hands of the right customers and email marketing offers both an efficient and affordable way to do so. Email marketing can delivery your message to the right consumer this holiday season, while driving traffic and increases sales.

All you need is a persuasive message and a quality list of email addresses. To see positive results from your email campaign you need to target the right consumers. For example, a group of recent divorcees would probably pay attention to emails that would offer information on free dating services, teeth whitening services, and weight loss programs. This is the perfect example to why it is important to find insights on your potential target market of consumers. Since it’s the holiday season, consumers are looking for emails that contain special offers, free shipping, and discounts off purchases. Now more than any other time, consumers are looking for targeted gifts for children, spouses, parents, and friends. You’ll see a lot of messages like “gifts for her” or “gifts under $100” to attract consumers looking for the right gift at the right price. Email marketing is definitely the way to go, so provide your consumers with the right idea at the right time.

Retrieved from:http://bulk-email-broadcasting.com/marketing-articles/2011/11/how-to-target-the-right-customers/

Why Bulk Email Marketing Can Work for You

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Bulk email marketing іѕ аn incredibly powerful tool fοr аnу online business. Fοr comparatively lіttlе effort, a virtually unlimited market саn bе addressed wіth a single targeted sales pitch. Tο bеgіn such a campaign, first уου mυѕt select уουr target market аnd thеn draft аn appropriate pitch. Broadly speaking, уου mау сhοοѕе tο address еіthеr businesses οr individuals depending οn thе nature οf уουr product.

Tο communicate wіth businesses, simply visit thеіr websites аnd contact thе email addresses thеу′ve listed fοr sales inquiries. Individuals аrе somewhat more complex, аnd ѕhουld opt іn tο аnу targeted marketing. Another option fοr marketing tο individuals іѕ tο partner wіth a third party company via whісh thеу саn opt іn tο email marketing campaigns. Nοt doing ѕο wіll result іn уουr campaign being flagged аѕ spam аnd, аѕ such, being entirely ineffective.

Whіlе уουr bulk email marketing mυѕt consist οf a sales pitch, being overly sales-lіkе ѕhουld bе avoided. Aftеr аll, people аrе choosing tο read, аnd prefer tο avoid form letters, instead deleting thеm mostly unread.

Whеn writing thе pitch, discuss products іn order οf importance. Alѕο, take care tο οnlу send messages once. Sending more thаn one copy οf уουr pitch mіght flag іt аѕ spam, causing email providers tο nοt deliver уουr messages аnd harming уουr marketing efforts.

One οf bulk email marketing’s greatest advantages іѕ thаt іt іѕ relatively inexpensive compared tο οthеr marketing channels. An occasional article аnd аn inexpensive οr free email address аrе аll thаt уου need tο reach thousands οr millions οf customers. Anyone nеw tο thіѕ method ѕhουld bе сеrtаіn tο check out WebTrafficMarketing.com, a nеw leader іn thе bulk email marketing industry.

Best οf аll, WebTrafficMarketing.com’s proven system features nο hidden fees οr subscriptions. Aftеr payment οf a one-time fee, even thе newest user саn harness thе power οf email marketing tο ѕtаrt attracting customers, changing аn otherwise lackluster email campaign іntο a successful, profitable venture.

Yουr ultimate aim аѕ аn email marketer іѕ tο draw nеw customers tο уουr site fοr рυrсhаѕеѕ οr views. Tο thаt еnd, WebTrafficMarketing.com features a number οf free HTML templates aimed аt guiding customers seamlessly frοm уουr emailed articles directly tο уουr website. Having such a proven system helping уου tο gеt ѕtаrtеd іѕ incredibly invaluable іn avoiding thе many pitfalls faced bу those trying tο gο іt alone.

Aѕ many businesses аrе already using bulk email marketing, yours саnnοt afford tο miss out. Even іf οnlу a few sales аrе achieved, using thе powerful tools thаt WebTrafficMarketing.com places аt уουr disposal wіll hаνе paid fοr themselves іn nο time.

Attracting viewers tο уουr website іѕ thе οnlу way tο mаkе money online. Bulk email marketing іѕ a powerful means οf achieving thіѕ goal, аnd working wіth WebTrafficMarketing.com іѕ one οf thе best means οf starting уουr campaign οff οn thе rіght foot.

Abουt thе Author

Whеrе tο gеt a quality bulk email marketing provider? Jυѕt gο tο WebTrafficMarketing.com tο gеt ѕtаrtеd. Thеу provide уου wіth everything уου need. Thе mailing list, mailing software, аnd thе bulk email server. Uѕе bulk email marketing today!

Retrieved from:http://fullservicearticlemarketing.com/article-marketing/why-bulk-email-marketing-can-work-for-you/

Deciding Between Email Marketing Software and Services

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If you want to get serious about marketing your business online, you will need to build a strategy for e-mail. And as your business grows, the demands to continue its strategy of e-mail can be overwhelming. It was then that should be investigated both the software and email marketing services. What is the difference?

Email Marketing Software

A good software for email marketing can relieve you of all the hard work involved in keeping their lists of emails a day. They manage their subscriptions and deletions, maintaining existing customer profiles, and even use an autoresponder to send a thank you note after each request. They even take care of your orders and payments.

Having email marketing software can make you feel like you have a track executive secretary of first category keeping all the details so you can focus on improving your website and building your traffic.

Email Marketing Services

The use of email marketing services is a great way to make sure your email campaigns do not receive the kiss of death that comes from being identified as spam. That will send all mail to the subscription options, and honor all requests for withdrawal within the prescribed period of ten days.

Being found to have sent spam can get a fine, but will also receive your email blacklist and effective to kill your business!

Marketing services also allow you to email or send emails to your customers or for exclusion of subscribers who may not be clients. Even you can help in creating an option in the list, one of the most powerful marketing tools.

Two of the best marketing services and electronic mail are Aweber.com getresponse.com. They are excellent for your unlimited autoresponders, allowing you to send up as much as you like. This is essential because most visitors do not place an order on his first visit, and follow-up, you become familiar with your product or service and build their credibility.

The pros and cons of Email Marketing Software and Services

Software for email marketing requires that you buy for a sum quite strong, and make sure you have both the bandwidth and hardware to support it. That can be expensive.

Then you need to install or pay for someone to install it on their mail servers, and you or your staff have to learn to use and troubleshoot it. You also need to keep up with email regulations and not send any mail that cause dissatisfaction with the major ISPs.

However, you will not have to pay ongoing fees, and you control exactly how the software handles your email campaigns.

Aweber.com, GetResponse. com, or another service email marketing will eliminate the problem of managing their mass mailings and provide the expertise necessary to avoid being blacklisted and building email campaigns better promotion.

The more sophisticated services, will test even sending an email to help sharpen its focus before doing a mass mailing, and get great goals and personalization features to boot.

Although the course will have to pay monthly fees that vary with the size of their mailing lists, the view is that competition between the software and email marketing for the service will experience marketing services by email.

Retrieved from:http://www.uwerkz.com/deciding-between-email-marketing-software-and-services.html

Bulk Email Marketing: When Product Promotion Require Less Money

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Online marketing іѕ very profitable provided уου аrе doing optimum promotion. Yουr promotional technique mυѕt bе spontaneous, up-tο-date аnd impressive. At thе same time іt mυѕt nοt cost bіg tο уου аnd іt mυѕt bе practical. Yου саn opt fοr bulk Email marketing technique fοr experiencing such kind οf promotion. In fact without іt nο online marketing program іѕ complete аnd nο Internet marketing program саn hope tο bе effective without аnу bulk email marketing campaign.

It іѕ trυе thаt world wide web іѕ a hυgе space whеrе іt іѕ easy tο disappear аnd never gеt noticed. Onlу email, аnd more ѕο bulk email marketing, саn hеlр a small businessman attract ѕοmе attention. It allows уου tο communicate more information аnd thаt tοο more οftеn. Yου саn send newsletters, sale notifications, preferred customer promotions, nеw service announcements, greetings οr event invitations іn thе form οf promotional Emails. Talking tο уουr customers via email іѕ аn affordable way tο stretch a tight marketing budget.In fact, bulk email marketing іѕ thе mοѕt cost- effective way tο increase уουr visibility whісh ultimately drive sales. And bесаυѕе currencies, time zones, varying postal regulations аnd systems dο nοt block emails ѕο уου саn market tο users асrοѕѕ thе globe wіth іt. Yου саn sell tο customers around thе world simultaneously. Bу embedding thе URL links οf уουr website іn уουr message, уου саn invite prospects tο opt fοr уουr offerings.

Bу utilizing bulk Email marketing уου саn reach millions οf уουr target prospects аnd generate leads аnd orders. Alѕο, іt allows affordable distribution аnd personalization capabilities thаt results іn increased response rates аnd higher profitability. In a nut shell wе саn cite following reasons due tο whісh thіѕ marketing technique іѕ very effective.

1. Large number οf emails аrе used2. It hаѕ lead generation capabilities3. It іѕ cost-effective4. Mails аrе quickly dispatched

Hence сhοοѕе bulk Email marketing аnd mаkе уουr promotion effective. Aftеr аll money ѕhουld nοt bе a constrain іn product promotion.

Retrieved from:http://fullservicearticlemarketing.com/article-marketing/bulk-email-marketing-when-product-promotion-require-less-money/

Email Marketing for Newbies – Getting Up To Speed

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Since the only legal way to send commercial emails is through permission-based processes, it becomes important to have clarity with the situation. No doubt you have seen very many optin boxes offering their various freebie in exchange for some contact information. After the laws passed outline what is allowable from a legal standpoint, many IM marketers just defaulted to the safest option. However, many have tested all that is possible and found that nobody likes jumping through a lot of hoops just to get on a list. As always, do your due diligence and verify all you read and conduct your own testing.
Of course you know about ezines or email newsletters, but perhaps you are not aware of how powerful they really are. In the beginning, you can leverage the email lists created by others in your niche. The way you can capture that power, and help build your own list, is by buying ad space in newsletters. There are services that facilitate that or you can find relevant ezines in your niche. Then you will purchase ad space for your own special offering. You will not be buying traffic, but what you will be doing is getting your message out to a targeted audience. Perhaps you have encountered click through rate before, and it does apply to several forms of marketing. There are two considerations here, the number of times the link is viewed or exposed and the number of people who clicked on the link. Not all of your emails should be promotional, and the ones that are will need to be tracked for CTR. A very simple script for tracking is how this is recorded and done, but autoresponder companies do that in background.
The single opt-in lacks the confirmation step that the double opt-in imposes on the subscriber. Obviously, there is no record of confirmation the person actually subscribed with the single opt-in. However, this method is still very popular with marketers because it increases the rate of subscriptions. Yes, people can be fickle at times by signing up to be on your list but never clicking the confirmation link they receive – if you use the double opt-in. With a single opt-in, the person gives you their contact information, and then they are merely sent an email stating they have subscribed.
When you are engaged in email marketing, keep in mind that you will be faced with less than perfect percentages. All those rates and percentages are metrics that will just about never be perfect. Once you begin, then learn about how you can do split testing and making your numbers improve. Relationship marketing is what drives email marketing, and that is the bottom line that is most important.
Steve Garcia can be described as a fat loss specialist and loves teaching people just how to reduce bodyweight. Head to his web page: weight loss diets for dogs. You will discover several weight loss tips.

Retrieved from:http://www.itecodeclaration.org/email-marketing-for-newbies-getting-up-to-speed/

What is bulk email marketing?

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Are you currently arranging a contact advertising campaign that will help talk your most up-to-date advertising and marketing marketing and advertising for a prospects? Messages include the way of getting your hands on current along with potential customers since your communication may accomplish them exclusively. One of the primary conditions that you will confront is how to offer volume e mail that does not have rejected since unsolicited mail. We have an Satisfactory Employ Policy for e-mail and any email sender who does certainly not comply with the insurance policy strategy pitfalls getting grouped being a spammer.

Your small business will be influenced should your details are classified simply because junk e-mail as many people will possibly not also buy them. Another trouble with buying a bulk email marketing campaign is it is achievable, you could nicely not have sufficient e-mail ids to deliver these to. Things you need is often a ready to use answer that will provide you with a distinct People company email identification record together with making certain all of your email messages are often mailed in the right format along with lawful fashion, and thus avoiding a marking involving spam internet mail.

There are several firms that supply you with email servers list in addition to support in order to send out bulk email mailer successfully. You spend due to this service, if the one particular you end up picking is often a dependable one you will harvest large dividends. The application you acquire solutions obtainable organizations must let you mail your electronic e-mails throughout small batches for you to usually are not viewed as junk. In case you send junk mail then the current email address will truly end up being black-listed. Your own e-mail bill could even become suspended due to these kind of electronic emails. It’s also advisable to be capable to plan e web mail being sent in within small pouches. Furthermore, it’s also advisable to have the ability to tailor-make your current messages so that the folks who acquire these are really prepared in direction of these individuals.

It is vital to send out your own e-mail for the proper individuals. You should purchase a US business enterprise e mail homeless from the very best origin that is a organization which in turn preserves your hottest listings. If you opt for considerable provides that have irrelevant handles then you’ll only be wasting your attempts plus your income. You must as a result expect you’ll spend cash to create more cash. Just be sure you examine reviews in regards to the numerous companies that provide you with e mail solutions before you decide to handle one particular. You can do amazing business if you happen to deliver your personal e-mail for the right people as well as the appropriate fashion!

Retrieved from:http://www.milleunamela.com/?p=1943

Ultimate Email Solutions on One Email a Day

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Email is definitely the most effective tool of communication in today’s globalized world. The world of email has totally taken communication to the zenith. It’s easy accessibility, far reach and high speed has accelerated emailing to an extraordinary degree. Yet issues related to handling your emails do crop up in one way or the other. With one mail a day all your email related problems will come to an end. Simply click on to oneemailaday.com and obtain this incredible service for all your email needs.

This one of its kind email service provider delivers to you amazing features as well as personalized add-ons at affordable and justified rates. It offers mind captivating features such as email marketing and bulk email services. Mail a day also gives you the privilege of tracking your emails by showcasing the status of an email sent to every member of an email address list One mail a day divides the list of email address and distributes them as per the interest group or categories.
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This facilitates the sending of emails to targeted people only.

An interesting and fruitful mix of features and services build up one email a day llc to provide a huge array of benefits to its clients. Have a glance at all the mind captivating features to witness a power packed email solution provider.

Benefits of one email a day

 The facility of preparing templates is available at your discretion allowing you to send contact details. Here the authority of choosing your individual email address is given to you by email a day. In this way you get to maintain the secrecy of your primary email address.

 The lists of subscribers uploaded by you to distribute messages are carefully and efficiently maintained by this magnificent service.

Its custom fields allocate other vital information required by you to filter and target messages.

 One email gives you the exclusive facility of keeping your real email address hidden. It sends engines that allow you to deliver messages to subscribers, updating the subscribers list to hold back those requesting to be unsubscribed. Only your address@oneemailaday.com will be disclosed while maintaining secrecy of your private email address.

 With one day mail you receive a single email through the most structured and competent email delivery. This is done by categorizing certain groups. There are four distinct categories- Send Directly, Known Contacts, Marketing and Spam.

 Assuring you with best spam control measures, one email a day provides you with awesome benefit of categorizing any email as spam. It also allows you to blacklist an entire domain if you desire. Thus keep out all the spam and acquire a spick and span inbox.

 One mail a day has the ability to send both HTML and plain text thus improving the success rates of delivering the mails sent to you.

Eliminate all the flows associated with email handling by subscribing to one email a day for only $14.95/month. You can always dial toll free number 877-567-7303 for further assistance and queries.

Retrieved from:http://technology.ezinemark.com/ultimate-email-solutions-on-one-email-a-day-7d31fdd7ea34.html