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A guide to Hyper-V

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Microsoft’s Hyper-V platform enables admins to transition to a virtualized infrastructure. With a variety of features, the product appeals to a number of enterprises looking to extend their server networks at minimal cost. But is it the right choice for your organization? And if you’re already using it, how can you get the most from Hyper-V?

In this guide, find out how Hyper-V compares to other hypervisor platforms, explore tools and features like dynamic memory allocation, and learn how it can help you transition into the cloud. We’ll also take a look at the future of the Hyper-V platform with version 3.0, shipping in 2012 with Windows Server 8.

Retrieved from:http://searchwindowsserver.techtarget.com/guides/A-guide-to-Microsoft-Windows-Server-Hyper-V

Hyper-V is the best virtualization solution for SQL Server

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However, customers enjoy many Hyper-V advantages over VMware for SQL Server workloads:

Similar performance: Hyper-V provides near native performance characteristics for SQL Server virtualization and is comparable with VMware.
More extensive high availability (HA): For SQL Server Failover Clustering scenario, customers retain full Hyper-V functionalities whereas VMware recommends turning off key features such as vMotion for VM mobility, DRS for dynamic resource allocation and memory overcommit.
Superior management: Hyper-V combined with System Center provides both physical and virtualized management as well as support for Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines management. VMware only supports virtualized management for VMware virtual machines.

Retrieved from:http://content.dell.com/us/en/gen/d/business~smb~sb360~en/Documents~hyper-v-best-virtu-sol-server.pdf.aspx

Knowing Hyper V: Well-known Operating-system For A Virtual Private Server

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The web hosting business is always striving to advance forwards with the use of more modern technical skills. This ever rising market is dealing with the solutions through various technological innovations. Amongst different available web site hosting solutions, web page owners favor VPSs. That’s the reason Microsoft has also come forward to improve the VPS system. Therefore, now we have Microsoft company’s Hyper V technology that enhances effectiveness of Virtual private server systems.

MS Hyper V: Exactly What It’s

Microsoft company’s Hyper V is made in a way that it serves as a top quality tool for server virtualization for big companies. The MS Hyper V is really a hyper-visor based virtualization structure and it has become lot more widely used for the advantages in web hosting industry.

Earlier, it was referred to as Windows Server Virtualization as it began its life as nothing but mainly a Microsoft Windows Server Virtualization application. This particular structure of virtualization is especially for x64 solutions. You may redirect MS Management Console or MMC to the main server and by doing this you could manage or perhaps configure the Windows Server using a distant Windows hosting server or even desktop computer.

With the help of Hyper V, you’ll be able to operate numerous OSs within separated environments and the best thing is that this occurs on one server. This is actually the magic of Hyper V virtualization. You’ll have the ability to maintain different elements such as application design or even testing, development server consolidation and business management model application using one host without impacting on various other areas.

The Reason For Use Of MS Hyper V

You may wonder exactly why Microsoft Hyper V VPS is so well liked currently. It gives you top-quality performance and while doing so it’s also steady. That’s the reason why folks see that this unique Virtual private server solution isn’t less capable compared to dedicated hosting server. You’ll discover that virtual hosts on Hyper V will work as isolated thing and therefore behave as dedicated hosts. In addition, you will have the ability to make use of the options that come with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 like SQL Server and IIS7 2008 in a very secure manner. Fine hyper-v consultants may assist you in this connection.

Major Characteristics

Hyper V helps you have several websites. You may also have numerous operating-systems on a single server. Hyper V is preferred for software programs design and testing environments. You will also be able to own custom made databases driven software. You will get individualized control of the hosting server supervisor level accessibility. Of course, straightforward scalability renders Microsoft Hyper V a great solution. You can take advantage of the system resources effectively and get the best out of the systems.

If you are curious to understand more about VPS and particularly Microsoft’s Hyper V virtual private server, then speak to Microsoft hyper-v constultants. You must also read critiques and discussion articles on Hyper V. This way, you’ll arrive at a much better final decision.

Retrieved from:http://www.religec.com/knowing-hyper-v-well-known-operating-system-for-a-virtual-private-server/

Installing Hyper-V in Windows 8…

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Yes, you read that right. Windows 8 client (and server of course) comes with Hyper-V v3.

Both the server and client versions of Windows 8 is shipped to have Hyper-V 3 running. You can start run VMs from your laptop, without installing the server version or third party applications!

In order to install Hyper-V on a Windows 8 machine, get the run tab (windows button + R) and type in optionalfeatures.exe & press enter. You can also navigate through Control Panel –> Programs & features. Select Hyper-V and click ok. Notice that the new Hyper-V comes with it’s own set of PowerShell cmdlets.

Windows will install the Hyper-V feature and click “Finish” when done. In order to launch Hyper-V manager, follow this post.

Retrieved from:http://www.howexchangeworks.com/2011/12/installing-hyper-v-in-windows-8.html

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The web hosting service market place is continually trying to move ahead with more modern technological experience. This ever growing market is dealing with the solutions through unique technological innovations. Amongst different available web hosting options, website owners like VPSs. For this reason Microsoft company has also come forward to boost the VPS solution. As a result, we now have Microsoft’s Hyper V solution that enhances efficiency of VPS solutions.
Hyper V: Precisely What It’s
Microsoft company’s Hyper V is made in such a manner that it acts as a high quality application for hosting server virtualization for big establishments. The MS Hyper V is certainly a hyper-visor based virtualization model and it is now more preferred for the efficiency in web site hosting market.
Previously, it was known as Microsoft Windows Server Virtualization as it began its life as nothing but mainly a Windows Server Virtualization software. This specific structure of virtualization is principally for x64 systems. You could redirect Microsoft Management Console or MMC to core host and this way you can administrate or set up the MS Windows Server on a distant Microsoft Windows hosting server or desktop computer.
With the help of MS Hyper V, you’ll be able to manage numerous operating-systems inside separated environments and the best thing is that this happens using one hosting server. This is actually the magic of Microsoft Hyper V virtualization. You’ll get to cope with different elements such as software development or perhaps testing, production server consolidation and business management model application on a single host without impacting on other areas.
The Primary Reason For Interest In Microsoft Hyper V
You might ponder exactly why Hyper V Virtual private server is so popular right now. It provides excellent overall performance and while doing so it’s also steady. This is why individuals find that this unique VPS option isn’t less capable compared to dedicated hosting server. You’ll realize that virtual hosts on MS Hyper V will act as separated entity and so work as dedicated servers. Moreover, you’ll have the ability to make use of the top features of Windows Server 2008 including IIS7 and SQL Server 2008 in a secure way. Fantastic hyperv consultants can direct you in this connection.
Main Options
MS Hyper V helps you have multiple websites. You can also run several OSs on one server. Hyper V is ideal for computer software development and testing settings. You will likewise be able to operate custom made database driven applications. You will get individualized control over the server supervisor level accessibility. Of course, uncomplicated scalability renders MS Hyper V a great system. You can utilize the system resources proficiently and get the most out of the solutions.
If you’re interested to know more regarding Virtual private server and especially Microsoft company’s Hyper V virtual private server, then make contact with hyperv consultants. You should also examine reviews and discussion posts on Hyper V. This way, you will reach the best decision.

Retrieved from:http://www.mcjdj.com/tag/microsoft-windows-server/

How to Fix a Corrupted Hyper-V VHD File

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Symptoms and error messages for corrupted Hyper-V VHD files are numerous, from the VM refusing to start, to failures to attach the VHD with messages like

“Failed to open attachment ‘C:\ directory \MyVHD.vhd’. Error: ‘The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.’”

There are many possible causes why your VHD may become corrupted. It is not necessary to figure out the exact cause if you need it back fast: just restore the VHD from your latest backup, or as Ben Armstrong puts it in his blogpost“Run data recovery tools inside the virtual machine.”” As with all things in IT “fast” is a relative term – restoring a 500 GB disk from backup can take hours. Plan accordingly.

If you are going to take the time to investigate the cause, or do not have a backup, then you must “go all forensic”.

No mater what the VHD type, most common causes of data corruption in the VHD (whether fixed or dynamic) are from:

Data corruption due to faulty / failing physical storage
Data corruption due to transferring files over faulty / failing networks
If you can trace back the chain of events leading to the corruption, you will usually find a failure either by disconnecting storage while the virtual drive was being created or moved over the network Note that switching the disk-type from one to the other or expanding the disk may cause the problem, and, for some people, it has solved the problem. Sometimes this failure is not hardware, but caused by 3rd party encryption and anti-virus programs that have been installed on the host.

This Core Team blog post shows one way to begin your analysis.

Fixes to try:

Mounting the vhd file to the parent partition, and then chkdsk to repair it. Ben Armstrong gives the method of mounting vhd files in his blog.
Check for integrity using the Hyper-V. Add the vhd file to the IDE controller and then hit the Inspect button
Merge any VHD and AVHD files. Check if you can open them through windows 7, server 2008 or WinImage (for Virtual PC and Virtual Server VHDs)
This forum thread mentions a 3rd party $150 tool called MediaHeal if the disk is an older OS (WinXP,WinVista,Windows2000,Windows2003,WinServer,Windows Vista Ultimate,WinNT 4)..
Try the free Microsoft vhdtool (http://archive.msdn.microsoft.com/vhdtool) that includes a”repair” function which is designed to undo an expand operation on a base VHD when differencing VHDs are present

Retrieved from:http://blogs.technet.com/b/tonyso/archive/2011/12/06/how-to-fix-a-corrupted-hyper-v-vhd-file.aspx

Working with VPS Hosting is the Best Way to Attain Successful Online Marketing

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Aspiring to overcome the scornful search engine restrictions is every webmasters regular dream and challenge. But there is no alternate way to do so, unless a potential VPS Hosting system has been designed.

A webmaster struggling with his heavy load websites those cough up at the worst times or a beginner planning spread out new ventures, there is nothing without VPS Hosting to fulfill their requirements of business.

Virtual Private Hosting is a very tactful method of SEO hosting and it combines cost effectiveness and quality of service within a single package. Virtual Private Servers are the best bet to adopt a dedicated server within ones reach.

With the scorching prices of dedicated hosting servers a common webmaster can seldom dare to buy it for SEO hosting his websites. He would lose the last penny he saved to sustain the business and still fail to meet the cost. Hence VPS hosting is the easy way out to produce dedicated server opportunities with the price of a shared server.

In a Virtual Private server the main server is a dedicated server that is sliced into multiple virtual ones with the help of software applications. Every VPS hosting system then runs on its own operating system in a completely isolated environment. So, VPS systems are safer than the shared ones and cheaper than the dedicated servers.

With VPS hosting services, a webmaster hosts his websites over virtually dedicated servers that protect the business from malicious activities and spam programs over the internet.

VPS systems are faster even though all the clients use the resources, as they access the resources in a parallel manner. These are loaded with the facilities of dedicated server and cost of shared ones.

In a VPS hosting system, the client is offered with Multiple Class C IPs, unlimited domains, sub- domains, email accounts, PHP, MySQL database and the WHM control panels. The control panels are equipped, to manage all the accounts in a single go, saving lots of time and reducing the hassle of juggling between the multiple accounts.

VPS hosting is of 2 types depending upon the maintenance of the server; managed and unmanaged. In case of a managed VPS hosting plan, the service provider is entitled to manage the maintenance and other technical nuisances of the virtual server. But in an unmanaged system the client has to take care of every minute detail of the server himself, like managing accounts, domains and so on.

VPS hosting can really be profitable if used for reseller SEO hosting. Each VPS can be a dedicated server offering shared IPs, to the third party customers with plenty of bandwidth and disk space. This way the client can gain quick bucks by selling part of his server and services, as total server resources can’t be sold to third party customers.

Retrieved from:http://www.articlemonarch.com/working-with-vps-hosting-is-the-best-way-to-attain-successful-online-marketing.html

E-mailing and More

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Nowadays, one of the easiest ways to send personal messages and to communicate is through the use of electronic mail or the email, as it lets you approach your receiver just with a few clicks if you need to send a letter immediately. It could be used whether if the two or more parties are in the same nation or not. The electronic mail offers a lot of services like sending your mail to the person or persons you want to communicate with, forwarding a mail which is previously receive or stored, storing a mail for future use and archiving, it can also be used in attaching something before sending it to your receiver, It is efficient, fast and is easy to use for every person in order for them to communicate fast and have a fast reply or response from the other party. The Email could also be used in special purposes and business transactions like the purpose of the business emails and multiple distributions like those executed through the email list.
Email list is the use of electronic mail with a special aim and that is to distribute messages and in formations to a lot of internet users, it is used to send in announcements that can be sent to selected people who are members of a certain group or subscribers, a discussion somehow allows its members or subscribers to post which enable the start of a multi-person discussion on the email list.
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Employing E-mail Marketing to Obtain More Sales
It is somehow the same with a mailing list as they have the same key features like the list of subscribers, list of email address and the email message itself. Special mailing software is used to send in and receive messages. Email list is prone to spam or unwanted messages that is sent through the use of email that is why moderators have a key role to prevent in spam messages from coming in before it is sent to different subscribers and companies and groups who are sending in their announcements across the internet subscribers.
Business emails are electronic mails that are sent which concerns communication regarding business transactions, it could be an electronic mail sent from a company to its own employees as well as on other companies which deals with their businesses.

Business emails contains contents that may contain transaction details between two or more parties and would be the key for their communication to enhance and strengthen in their business deals. Business emails are ideal for smoother and more detailed business transactions.

Retrieved from:http://business.ezinemark.com/e-mailing-and-more-7d325e234a80.html

What are mass mailing worms?

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One of the most common types of email virus is the mass mailing worm. Stanford has been dealing with mass mailing worm attacks for years. Stanford’s anti-virus gateway has kept most mass mailing worms at bay, but the nature of mail worms is such that these attacks will continue for awhile. Here’s why:

Mass mailing worms hide in email attachments. After infecting a person’s computer, the mass mailing worm transmits copies of itself to other computers via email. It does this by stealing email addresses from the infected person’s email address book. It puts one stolen address in the TO: field, then alters or ‘spoofs’ the FROM: field with another stolen address. The subject, message body, and attachment are selected at random from a list. The worm then sends these bogus email messages, which are secretly infected with copies of itself, to as many people as possible.

Because it has filled the FROM: field with someone else’s address, the worm succeeds in making non-infected people appear to be the ones sending infected email. This prevents the real sender from learning that his or her machine has been infected, and from taking steps to remove the worm as a result. It also confuses those people whose email addresses were placed into the FROM: field … they’re not sure if their machine has been infected or not.

So, if you receive email from a friend who claims you sent him or her a virus, don’t panic. Your computer is probably not infected. It is possible that your name was picked up by another worm-infected computer and placed into the FROM: field as a sender. However, this is a good reminder that keeping your anti-virus software scanning on a regular basis with up-to-date virus definitions, is critical to making sure you won’t be the victim of a worm — or the next person who spreads it. Anti-virus software can be downloaded from Essential Stanford Software.

Retrieved from:http://answers.stanford.edu/solution/what-are-mass-mailing-worms

Bulk Email Marketing VPS – Mass Mailing Can Work For Your Business

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Marketing is the essence of any business. The more efforts you put in your marketing strategy, the more innovative you are the more progress you will make. Bulk email marketing is the new trend in online marketing strategy and almost all businesses are aggressively following it to improve their online as well as offline sales. They use emails to inform their clients as well as prospective clients about their products as well as services as well as various offers that are currently in store.

In bulk email marketing you have to put in just a small effort and there is no limit to the amount of people you can reach just with a single email. You can start your bulk email campaign by first identifying the nature of the product and then selecting your target market.

You can collect email addresses from various sources. You also go to websites of other people and gather contact email addresses from their website and then email them your offers. Another option is to hire a company that has experience in online marketing and then give the job to them for your online email marketing campaigns.

When you describe your product in your email then you must be careful about the content you write in it. It should describe your product well and people should be able to easily understand it. Also you must make sure that you send only one email to one person else it will considered as spam and will be flagged thereby damaging your marketing efforts.

The main advantage of email marketing campaigns is that is very cheap. Rest all other campaign cost a lot. If you wish to do search engine optimization and work on specific keywords for your online sales then also it will be costly as you need to hire employees to work on it. Hence mass mailing or bulk emailing campaigns are the cheapest to follow and still give you the most results. But one thing you will always have to keep in mind that you must adhere to the rules of mass mailing. Your campaign should comply with the CAN SPAM ACT and should not be against it. This way you will be able to convert lots of searches in sales which means more profit for your business too.

Now for mass mailing you can either go for a shared hosting plan or select a VPS Hosting plans, whatever suits your budget. In both shared hosting as well as VPS Hosting the performance of your campaign will be different as both have separate advantages. In VPS Hosting you can choose from Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Hosting. Usually people prefer Windows VPS Hosting as it is more user-friendly. Also lots of Microsoft applications such as ASP.NET, Microsoft Exchange which is specifically used for emails is compatible with a Windows VPS solution.
Hence a Windows VPS solution becomes a common choice for lots of people.

Also these days there is a lots of hype about Windows VPS based on Hyper-V technology. Windows VPS Hyper-V are lot more efficient and give you almost 100% uptime for your hosting or server. Hyper-V servers are based on the concept of cloud hosting and hence are able to give you the outmost performance for all your campaigns. So selecting the right plans for your email marketing campaign becomes all the more important as the success of your campaign relies ultimately on that only.

Lots of companies are using mass mailing campaigns and hence if you haven’t started one then it is high you must get started now and reap the benefits of it.

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